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  2. Fish skull bone. Any guesses on species?

    fish gill plate
  3. Help

    I feel Dave is on the right track with Meg or close cousin. Here is a partial of a Meg. I found in a location where literally everything is tumbled, broken and water worn. This piece still has sharp crisp serrations too.
  4. Sometimes You Have To Whack It !!

    Rich, I forgot to tag you on the first piece, what do you think?
  5. White River Oligocene Prep - Eumys

    In fossil prep the rule is, "Stuff breaks." If you can stay patient and go slow, less stuff breaks. I've often used a scribe and that Micro Jack is great, but sometimes, all you really need is a pin vise.
  6. Goblin shark tooth jackpot

    Excellent haul ! I love the Goblin teeth
  7. Wow! That is the largest Asteracanthus I've ever seen. It's over twice as long as a cast of a specimen I have and that one was said to be unusually large.
  8. List of Ways Fossils are Preserved

    I see "recrystallization" got misspelled again. It has two l's and a t in there. "Stromatolites" is also misspelled at the bottom.
  9. Today
  10. Sometimes You Have To Whack It !!

    As always, interesting! Cheers, Rich
  11. List of Ways Fossils are Preserved

    Yes, under the definition I've always gone by, a fossil is not only the remains of an ancient organism but also any evidence of activity of an organism. A gastrolith is shaped by the digestive system of an organism in an observable way.
  12. Pennsylvanian Bivalves

    I was thinking #2 looked more like a Lingulid or other inarticulate brachiopod.
  13. List of Ways Fossils are Preserved

    It just occurred to me that in the first item "internal mold" the material inside a shell would not really be sediment but rather minerals seeping in after burial. I changed it in the last iteration posted. If that's wrong I'll change it back.
  14. An odd bone

    The texture and robust nature was what brought them to mind.
  15. Kane

    Right now, on my back in shorts looking up at the night sky with unlimited beer and seeing the inaugural meteorites of the annual Geminid meteor shower. It peaks on Friday. :)

  16. An odd bone

    WOW... none of us thought of that... While searching for Glyptodont toe bones, I found drawings of numerous sloth toe bones...Pictures of Sloth toe/foot bones were MUCH easier to find than Glyptodont toe/foot bones
  17. Pennsylvanian Bivalves

    Second one looks like a razor clam.
  18. Pennsylvanian Bivalves

    This second one I have posted before but didn't get a reply, thought I would try one more time before labeling it as unidentified. It is photographed wet. From the Mecca Quarry Shale, Carbondale Formation, Utica, IL.
  19. Pennsylvanian Bivalves

    Here are two Pennsylvanian bivalves I have not been able to ID. I've seen some similar looking ones but in all honesty, I find that most bivalves look the same to me. The first is from the LaSalle Limestone Member of the Bond Formation, Oglesby, IL.
  20. Help

    I don’t remember the exact location as it was a while ago but Myrtle Beach most likely. Definitely east coast on the beach. I did not initially think meg because I have not seen any pictures of teeth with serrations in such good condition (especially on a broken tooth) and all the meg teeth I find on the beach are usually very worn
  21. Found near McFaddin Beach Texas. It feels like bone but the walls are thin and it is hollow. Inner ear bone? Some sort of urchin?
  22. Dinosaur Saturday

    thanks.... My gut feeling s that they would have eaten them more by accident than actively.
  23. Fish skull bone. Any guesses on species?

    Found near McFaddin Beach Texas. I know it belongs to a fish but I was hoping someone might point me in the direction of the possible species?
  24. Help

    It is definitely a fragment from a tooth in the Meglodon lineage, but it is impossible to tell which one just from a small portion. Do you know where it came from?
  25. Yes, got the message. I have never heard of this at all. Neither has Google. This is very depressing.
  26. Help

    Cannot remember how long ago I found this but it has been in my shark tooth collection for years assuming it was a shark molar of some sort but now that I am a little knowledgeable I know sharks do not have molars. Have not been able to find anything that looks similar online. Any suggestions would be great. thanks!
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