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  2. I think you are correct about that. Personally, I've been just so thrilled to learn that I've got Steinkerne, I forgot to even wonder what type of shelled animals have been fossilized in that rock.
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  4. How to tell a stromatolite?

    Looks right to me. It is different to my Collenia undosa from the Mary Ellen mine : But I have seen other pieces like yours, still has that blend of red jasper and haematite, so I think it's okay. But let's see what others think..........................
  5. I found these Goniatites in the British coal measures. Would anyone like to prepare these for me in return for some fossils? I have many fossil types available. Please note, the inner whorls of these Goniatites are almost impossible to prep, so it would be best just to expose the outer whorl. I am not sure how well these will prep, but I have decided it’s worth a try to see how they will turn out. Thanks, Daniel
  6. Glen Afric New Zealand fossil

    small concretion with bone structure i can see.
  7. Fossil, Mineral, or Something Else?

    It's little more than a reflex, but gastropod (snail) shell is what comes to mind.
  8. Weird pet wood?

    It's a little hard to make out in these photos. It could be damaged wood, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's something else.
  9. If I remember correctly, I think I read that people find the best Petoskeys in the rivers. You might want to check that out. Don't know if you would still need waders. Haha, I know what "Steinkern" means. I just didn't know it was used for petrified interiors of shells. I grew up in Switzerland and German is my native language. Comes in very handy when trying to understand scientific vocabulary, especially in geology. So the word "Kern" has many, many meanings: kernel, pit, seed, core, center, beginning and many more. One being "stone". I kid you not. For example the hard pit of a stone fruit (apricot, peach, cherry or plum) is often just called "Stein" or Aprikosenstein, Pfirsichstein etc. So Steinkern could be translated as, petrified pit, stone pit, stone seed, stone core, stone center etc. or even petrified stone. Ha! That creates a tautological error, like "frozen ice" does. At any rate, now when I google Steinkern brachiopods, bingo! I get many pictures as well as articles on the subject. It's so very helpful to have the correct terminology when googling. I really appreciate your help, thank you. Interesting too, re: creating casts from molds and from those molds casts again? This gets into creating sculptures. I think I will leave that to the professionals though.
  10. Possible whale skull

    Congratulations on the awesome find! Looking forward to hearing more updates on this. Whales have such an interesting evolutionary history.
  11. Tetralophodon tooth?

    That isn't the typical kind of mammal question for the forum. It's more like, "Is this a horse" or maybe, "Is this an oreodont?" You might have to wait for a while (at least over the weekend) to get an educated opinion on that. You need a mammal specialist and one with some experience with probiscideans. @Harry Pristis, @fossillarry
  12. Albian ammonites

    a little update: sometimes I get lucky and the center clears out realy nicely:
  13. Fossil, Mineral, or Something Else?

    Seriously what is this?
  14. This is probably the absolute worst scabbed together garbage tooth I have seen to date come from that region. Unless it’s free, definitely stay clear of this one!
  15. Weird pet wood?

    found in a gravel load in west houston from brazos river is this pet wood?....on the end it looks odd {first pic} the so called grain don't look right. could this be something else??
  16. Yes looks like a composite. Also it has a weird shape, like crooked? I have my doubts a teeth would grow like this. Just looks all together weird. I would stay away from this tooth. 16 cm would be around 6 3 inches. That's mega big for a Spino tooth. This adds to my doubt.
  17. Secret Location Alpha - Peace River Florida

    Those are either some really big trees or some really little people on that ship! Personally I vote for the trees.
  18. It looks to be a composite of several partial Spinosaurus teeth glued together and covered by matrix to hide cracks and repair.
  19. Possible whale skull

    @Doctor Mud Meg tooth is definitely up there on the list. I would really love to find a bigger part of plesiosaur and also a pretty complete penguin (either from the greensand or miocene cliffs). I still have a month of holiday so going to really give it a proper go! One of those shark tooth clusters Would love to find one! I met one oldish gentleman towards the top of the hill, he was quite bemused by the effort I went to for a big chunk of rock. He asked 3 times whether it came from the bottom of the cliff There is going to be some negotiation required to get this into the living room... maybe if I can put a table top on top of it (see-through of course!). It's very hard rock, but seems to be ready to come off the bone. So might be lucky there! Going to have to have a bit of a rest before I attempt something that size... maybe Sunday
  20. 2019 Florida season wrap up

    Jeff!! You killed it this year! Congrats! Can’t wait to get back over there and hunt with you again.
  21. Secret Location Alpha - Peace River Florida

    I think you need to call this site “Beta”, looks like a cruise ship was there collecting first- LOL. Not too bad of a photo shop.
  22. Possible whale skull

    Whale skull is super cool! Can’t wait to see it cleaned up. I’m on my second vehicle that smells like the Brazos River. That dirt gets everywhere!
  23. How to tell a stromatolite?

    This is offered as Mary Ellen Stromatolite from the Mary Ellen mine, Mesabi Range in Minnesota. It is 4 x 6 inches, 5/8 inch thick and weighs 1 lb 10 oz. Based on internet photos I've seen, this seems legit. What are your thoughts? @Wrangellian and anyone else!
  24. Possible whale skull

    Being a "mud doctor" you might think this is outside my area of expertise, but I feel qualified to prescribe some sort of general anesthetic for any resulting aches and pains from this adventure
  25. Mystery Fossil From The Devonian

    Here is another picture after a bit of prep
  26. Could you please take a look of this big Spinosaurus tooth from Morocco and tell me if it is genuine? It measures 16x3x2.6cm and weighes 120g. Thanks.
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