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  2. Vertebrae ID

    @abyssunder ?
  3. Dinosaur/Sabre-toothed Tiger tooth?

  4. Unknown phalange, Peace River Florida

    Here is nice little fossilized phalange bone that I found in Florida's Peace River. Like verts, almost all phalanges look alike to me, except for size differences. I'm having a hard time ID'ing this one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Bone Valley Vertebra, Peace River FL

    I found this nicely-fossilized vertebra in the Peace River. It's broken, but there might be enough features left to ID it. It has a "Y" shaped imprint on the ends. Does anyone know what critter this came from? These verts confuse me when I try to ID them and I am never sure. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. This morning I went with my Grandson AJ, on a quick 100 mile round trip to a suburb of Chicago, Chicago Heights, to check out the "South Suburban Earth Science Club- Fossil, Gem, Mineral and Jewelry Show"- this is a show that I have never attended before and it was held in the gym at Prairie State College. It is a small show with only about 15 vendors, but it was nice to visit. They had a nice little childrens section and AJ decided that he wanted to select a free plastic spider rather than a small Mazon Creek fern, he also bought a nice little green heart for Grandma, who did not attend. Here are a few pics of the show- Here are some of the items that were for sale- I always like to support the local shows so I always buy a couple things, even when I don't need them. Here are a couple things that I bought. The first piece I bout was from Green River and it cost $12.00. I do not know it the ID is correct and the leaf is not good at all, but I did like the pieces of coprolite. The last thing that I bought were these three pieces of black shale from St. Clair, Pennsylvania that I purchased for $5.00 each. These fossils are Pennsylvanian in age and from the Llewellyn Formation. FRONT- Alethopteris serlli BACK- Neuropteris ovata FRONT- Alethopteris serlli, Neuropteris and Sphenophyllum emergenatum BACK- Alethopteris- FRONT SIDE ONLY- Alethopteris serlli and Neuropteris ovata The vendor that I bought these pieces from allows kids to take one rock or fossil and AJ grabbed an Essexella asherae Jellyfish half from Mazon Creek. All in all it was a fun way to spend an hour on a nice Saturday morning - and thanks to @Bobby Rico for a quick response to a question that I had.
  7. Fossil Shark Teeth - Post Pics Of Your Favorites!

    Fantastically beautiful tooth!
  8. My Trilobite Drawings

    I quite like drawing like this as it makes you focus on the negative space so the shape is generally more accurate, your drawings are fabulous, if I have time I might also attempt some fossil drawings
  9. New Mazon Creek Collection

    Thanks, RC! I appreciate the cleaning advice.
  10. Oligocene Galeorhinids

    I neglected to complete the reference: Reinecke T., H. Stapf. & M. Raisch, 2001. Die Selachier und Chimären des unteren Meeressandes und Schleichsandes im Mainzer Becken (Alzey- und Stadecken Formation, Rupelium, Unteres Oligozän). Palaeontos 1. Palaeo Publishing and Library vzw. 1-73. Antwerp. Quote Options
  11. Ichthyosaur Tail Fossil

    Still real. Here’s a before prep shot. The shale will have delaminated during prepping which is why you can seen that line. I know the person who found and prepped them. It’s not worth faking.
  12. Today
  13. Ichthyosaur Tail Fossil

    In my opinion it would be a very difficult fossil to fake, especially to put the vertebrae like that in the matrix so they’re properly embedded. Not even talking about the small rib bones.
  14. Back To The Hunt Now That Summer Is Gone!

    Fantastic specimens I too like Carboniferous material and in particular Lycopods. none of my specimens are close to the quality of yours
  15. Ichthyosaur Tail Fossil

    Looks fine to me honestly.
  16. Aaron, This publication covers a fauna from the Early Oligocene of Germany but I've found it very helpful with Oligocene-Early Miocene teeth from anywhere. Jess Reinecke T., H. Stapf. & M. Raisch, 2001. Die Selachier und Chimären des unteren Meeressandes und Schleichsandes im Mainzer Becken (Alzey- und Stadecken Formation, Rupelium, Unteres Oligozän). Palaeontos 1. 1-73. Palaeo Publishing and Library vzw. Antwerp. Translation: Sharks and Chimaeras from the Lower Meeressandes and Schleichsandes in the Mainz Basin (Alzey and Stadecken Formation, Rupelian, lower Oligocene). Quote Options
  17. I also see red flags.. cutline along the vert string and the matrix color on vert string is lighter than the plate. All real agree but could the verts have been added to enhance appeal ? Best to hold an item like this or if purchased insure it can be returned.
  18. I also think it is real.
  19. Happy Fossil Friday

    Mine is from a hadrosaur
  20. Ichthyosaur Tail Fossil

    It’s completely real
  21. Ichthyosaur Tail Fossil

    Looks fine to me
  22. Shark tooth ID

  23. Happy Fossil Friday

    You would have had to purchase a ticket for it and ordered it a veggie meal. Beautiful fossil btw do you have a photo of yours.
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