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  • Triarthrus spinosus





    Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Arthropoda
    Class: Trilobita
    Order: Ptychopariida
    Family: Olenidae
    Genus: Triarthrus
    Species: Triarthrus spinosus
    Author Citation Billings 1857

    Geological Time Scale

    Eon: Phanerozoic
    Era: Paleozoic
    Period: Ordovician
    Sub Period: None
    Epoch: Late


    Billings Formation


    Collector: Graeme Hopkins
    Date Collected: 06/10/2018
    Acquired by: Field Collection


    Hurdman Station


    Ventrally preserved. Both genal spines and one thoracic spine are present. Hyostome slightly visible. Found associated with T. eatoni, T. rougensis, cephalopods and graptolites.

    User Feedback

    Very nice trilobites! :) 

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    Samuel.B Dino


    That is a very good sized trilobites 

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    This one might be Triathrus rougensisTriarthrus spinosus has genal spines on the free cheeks, an occipital spine on the glabellum, and multiple spines on the thoracic segments.  Triarthrus rougensis is similar, but it lacks the occipital spine and it has only one thoracic spine.  The glabellum is missing in this specimen (a molt), but in that case usually you can still see an impression of the occipital spine in the thoracic segments, which is not present here.  If the glabellum below the main specimen is the detached glabellum from the specimen, it definitely does not have an occipital spine, and it is a Triathrus rougensis.



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