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The Act Of Betrayal And The Thrill Of Victory



well, im leaving vegas tonight. for those of u who read my blogs,(like 2 pple):) u know i was spending a week in vegas and going to red rock canyon on sunday. well in search of a good hike/fossiling. i was so disappointed in not finding much at the canyon. so, we decided to look for a place called fossil canyon at blue diamond hill. a man said to turn like 3 miles ago,but we couldn't find it. disappointed, we went home. thats when i thought of researching this place. we then woke up a 7 and went in search of the elusive site. we only had untill about 9;15 because my aunt had to be back by 10:00 to plan a lesson for her students. we searched for the road to the hill wit no success. no one we asked know what it even was. we were about to give up, when i decided to make one more pass for the road. we couldn't find it, but with my deep curiosity, i stopped on a random side of the road, looking for fossils. to my suprise, i found this amazing "sponge" which made me know there was more here. we found little by the side of the road, and the barbed wire blocked our path to the limestone outcrop. so i said lets drive to get to a closer cliffside. so .1 miles done the highway, we found our outcrop.(no pics of it:( but i found many large shell imprints, sponges, barnacles, and even jellyfish. in 45 mins, i found at least 20pounds of fossils. now i can go home satisfied.

-andrew the awesome


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congrats on actually finding fossils there! your persistence paid off. :)

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