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  2. RuMert

    Pliosaur tooth, or ophthalmosaurid ichthyosaur (Stary Oskol)

    That's what I thought initially, but separate ridges are visible in the 3rd pic and their different length in the 2nd. So it looks something along the lines of those texan pliosaur teeth we've discussed recently
  3. @fossilhunter21Thank you!
  4. well thats just awesome! What a find im vouching for this . What will you do with it?
  5. I am just driving back from a fantastic 5 day collecting trip in Southeastern Montana. I had the opportunity to collect on a private ranch that had not been heavily hunted for several years. Our group made quite a few interesting finds. I am hoping that someone on the forum might be able to assist in identifying this unusual bone. It is definitely theropod and based on the size, likely tyrannosaur. It appears to be a portion of the skull but I am having trouble matching it up. I apologize for the lousy pictures in advance. The bone measures approximately 5-6
  6. Vae70

    More Pennsylvanian Plants of PA

    Nice haul! Might I ask the exact location you went to collect? (Feel free to PM) Last time I went was a year ago but the location I explored held a large amount of trigonocarpus seeds preserved well in plates or as stand alone 3D specimens. I'm planning a trip up again sometime next month so, more than happy to point Jeffrey in the same direction Ex:
  7. Per Christian

    Plesiosaur or pliosaur?

    So i gather from this that it could be pliosaur, but more likely plesiosaur? Really appreciate the feedbacks!
  8. When I posted images yesterday, I accidentally left out one species Schwartiziella floridana from the Family Rissoinidae. Now corrected that family is represented as follows: Order Littorinimorpha Family Rissoinidae Rissoina liriope Olsson & Harbinson, 1953 Schwartizella foridana Olsson & Harbinson, 1953
  9. Today
  10. MikeR

    Gastropods of the Tamiami Formation

    The Pinecrest Sand Member of the Tamiami Formation is a series of beds which contain an incredible diversity of marine life from the Upper Pliocene ranging from approximately 4.5 to 2.5 million years ago. Primary among the organisms that draw attention to these deposits are the gastropods which are so well preserved that they appear to have just recently washed upon the shore. Although both professional and amateurs have collected from the Sarasota quarries which have mined the mollusk shells for construction for over 50 years, a single monograph has never beeen produced. In addition, I am als
  11. Well Jack, the answer to your question using fossil shells to date deposits is sometimes yes, sometimes no. When it comes to shell faunas prior to the Plio-Pleistocene in Florida, I would say yes it is. Oligocene and Miocene molluscan faunas within the state are in general isolated and well characterized. Even faunas which show similar methods of preservation such as those in the Lower Oligocene Suwanee Limestone and the Upper Oligocene Tampa Member of the Arcadia formation where although some molluscan species overlap, can be distinguished by certain species. In the Mid-Atlan
  12. I always enjoy these ammonite videos, thanks Liam.
  13. PaleoOrdo

    Nautiloid? Help Id please

    Last weekend I visited another location in the Kalvsjøen formation and found this rock which I left in the field as it was too big to bring home. It includes a curved nautiloid and some other fossil, maybe a bryozoan? The nautiloid have a texture which look similar to something made of plastic, but it is a nautiloid and seems for me to be an oncocerid or a discosorid. No connecting rings are visible, so maybe we just see the siphuncle? The reason I think we just see the siphuncle is that the "suture" or siphuncle lines are not seen deeper in th
  14. Fossildude19

    Summerville Area Creek Trip

    Congratulations on a successful hunt. That's a nice haul. Thanks for sharing with us.
  15. pachy-pleuro-whatnot-odon

    Pliosaur tooth, or ophthalmosaurid ichthyosaur (Stary Oskol)

    @Anomotodon, let me respond to you a bit later. I'm not quite sure I get what you're saying yet... I agree more and better photographs would be needed to properly identify this piece, but those simply aren't available (which may be the reason the youth sold for comparatively little). Personally, I don't see too much evidence for the root having been extended, though. In any case, for you the ornamentation on the crown would be consistent with pliosaur then, I take it? At least insofar as can be made out from the photographs... I would agree, if it weren't for the broad an
  16. Fossildude19

    Possible Horsetail Fossil?

    I am not seeing any strong ribbing or nodes that would indictate horsetail to me. This may be an indeterminate each is or branch.
  17. Al Dente

    Found in North Topsail, NC

    I agree.
  18. PaleoOrdo

    What can this be?

    In Hadeland, Norway, I found this two fossils, about the same size and in the same rock. Anyone have any idea what it is? The age is Upper Ordovician, in the Kalvsjøen formation. It is dykes in the area, but not exactly where I found the rock. Then here is the other side of the rock:
  19. Fossildude19

    Fossil bone fragment?

    Welcome to the Forum. Unfortunately, I have to agree. I don't see any bone texture, or jaw morphology.
  20. fossilnoggin

    Summerville Area Creek Trip

    staying in the area for a bit and got out to explore a creek near summerville with my son for a few hours. Steamy hot, but it was still nice to be out searching. Nothing sizable, and many beat up teeth, but we did manage a really nice small great white (next to the penny)? Also happy to see the partial Angustidens- our first in any condition.
  21. fifbrindacier

    Found in North Topsail, NC

    Hi Stacey, what you have on the three last photos, is a piece of solitary coral. Number one and four look like pebbles for me. Two and three seems to be pieces of bone.
  22. Stacy Lynn

    Found in North Topsail, NC

    I have several fossils that I have no idea what they might be (or even if they are actually fossils. Found in North Top Sail, NC #1 #2 #3 #4 I have others also but this is a start. Thank you for any help you can offer on identifying. Stacy I didn’t realize the other pictures had attached at the end. The Grey one I think is a barnacle and the other one looks a lot like asphalt in the middle but it is weirdly shaped and my son told me it was a vertebrae when he found it. thank you
  23. fossilhunter21

    Carch tooth w Root

    Wow! What a nice tooth!
  24. madagascar

    The strange thing

    Well, I can't see the structure of the bulge up close. Send the picture after cleaning it up. Thank you for your answer.
  25. Welsh Wizard

    British marine reptile teeth, pliosaur? Ichthyosaur? Croc?

    Hi Sorry but they all do look like fish teeth to me. Nick
  26. Thanks man appreciate it!
  27. pachy-pleuro-whatnot-odon

    Plesiosaur or pliosaur?

    Hahaha! Well spotted! Hadn't even notice that with how obviously these pieces originate at Stary Oskol
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