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Pacific Northwest Cascades Possible Fossil Advice Sought


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Occasionally, when I am out prospecting for gemstones or minerals I stumble on some unique fossils that I include in my personal collection. 


Recently, I stumbled on a very large unique find that I believe is a fossil and am requesting assistance/advice on how to handle, if that is the case, for proper recovery if applicable.


Location:  Glacier WA USA, very close to the Canadian border,

in a dried portion of a creek bed - up against the sides walls-banks.  located under a tree stump. 

Approx size:  Uncovered Specimen in photographs resembles the size, approx, of a large human torso

Materials surrounding the specimens:  Many small fossil bones


Please note that I only removed enough material (all mixed - nothing attached) to see if it will help with ID and so on.


Thank you!




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I’m not seeing anything diagnostic to suggest more than a non-fossil geologic artifact. Perhaps there might be fossils inside?

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