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Hi! Newbie from Kentucky here!

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Hi! I am from southeastern Kentucky. I am a newbie who is looking to explore and get new knowledge and experiences. My collection has so far been mainly bought fossils and a few tiny different shells and shell impressions that I have found randomly and in gravel. 


Are there any other Kentuckians that can point me in the right direction to areas where I can find anything? Hopefully these areas would be in lower eastern Kentucky as do not have ability to travel far right now due to world happenings.


Thank you in advance for any tips!

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Welcome to the Forum. :) 

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Hello and welcome from Central Kentucky! We live in a great state for hunting fossils. 

Unfortunately, I don’t have any specific sites to point you to in the south east, but once you can travel again, I could help you out. :) 

You might try searching this sub forum (Fossil Hinting Trips) for some place near you that you have access to. Such as county, town, city. I’d also suggest searching the “Kentucky” section of the forum. Located here...


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Tidgy's Dad

Hello, Chey, and a very warm welcome to TFF from Morocco. :)

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A warm welcome also from Austin, Tx.  @FossilNerd has given you some great advise to get you started.  I'd also like to add that under the Documents section of the forum "home" page you will find Fruitbat's Library.  The section on Kentucky has a great selection of research articles accessible via pdf.  You can find those related to Kentucky here:


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