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Silicified Middle Ordovician Trilobites, Edinburg, Virginia


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Whittington, H.B. and Evitt, W.R., 1953. Silicified Middle 

Ordovician trilobites (Vol. 59). Geological Society of America.


(free download until June 30, 2020)


Whittington, H.B., 1959, Silicified Middle Ordovician 

trilobites: Remopleurididae, Trinucleidae, Raphiophoridae, 

Endymioniidae. Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative 

Zoology at Harvard College. vol. 121, pp. 369-496.




Hu, C.H., 1974, September. 635. Ontogenies of two 

Middle Ordovician trilobites from the Edinburg Formation, 

Virginia. In Transactions and proceedings of the 

Paleontological Society of Japan. New series (Vol. 1974, 

No. 95, pp. 353-363). Palaeontological Society of Japan.



Hu, C.H., 1976, April. 657. Ontogenies of three species 

of Silicified Middle Ordovician trilobites from Virginia. In

Transactions and proceedings of the Paleontological

 Society of Japan. New series (Vol. 1976, No. 101,

pp. 247-263). Palaeontological Society of Japan.




Bruton, D.L. and Nakrem, H.A., 2005. Enrollment in a Middle

Ordovician agnostoid trilobite. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, 50(3).





Paul H.

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