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Sorry to say but i dont have experience in fossiles.

Anyone able to identify these have all my thanks. 

I live in a mining town in Serbia. I was hiking and i stumbled upon a strange stone. It was the bottom one.


I took a look around soon i found two more, the one above it and the one to the right. Those 3 pieces were the outer layer that fell of from the one on the left. The one on the top is different from all. Not far from there i found two more. 

The left one 


On this picture it reminds me of a big pepper cut in half since it has that coloring all the way around but inner.

The structure is similar to the left one on the previous picture.

The right one


On this picture on the top there is a hole like change of materia. On the other two picture there can be seen some lines on it.



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I don't know what it is but others might know. Formation would help. If you don't know, location or nearby town would help us determine what formation and age it is likely from. 

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The city is Majdanpek in eastern Serbia. 

Thank you for the reply.

I am sorry but i do not know what do you mean by Formation. 

If you mean the terrain its a hill road. So they cut a bit from the hill to make the road. 

As it rains it washes down everything. These were found next to the road on surface. 

The partly washed layers go 20m and more above the road uphill.



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Welcome to TFF from Austria!

Some of those look like fragments of rudists.

Try googling "rudist" and "Serbia", maybe something turns up!
Franz Bernhard

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Thank you FranzBernhard 

with your reply i found a nice pics here on forum

 Rudist steinkern

I can see the similarity but here there is no opening on the side in the merge point,

on my find the line goes all the way to the end. And is quite more expresioned with the sharp line.

Thats compared to the left piece on pic with two pieces.

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I have outlined the contures of the left piece. By enlarging you can see a yellow line.

After my last research i think i found it. Im no expert but it reminds me of Hippurites toucasiana


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Thanks for the additional infos!

I am not sure, what you really have. Rudists can have very weird shapes, including highly variable internal morphology.

Did you already find this sketch:



Do you have the possibility to search for more specimens? Maybe you will find more complete ones.

Next step would be to get hold of a geological map of the area. To see how old the rocks are, and whats the name of the formation (rock unit) and what fossils are known in this formation.

Franz Bernhard

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Thank you for the reply, still in doubt but most resemblance that i found visualy is this one. 



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