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This piece broke. 3.5” long approximately. It sounds like rock when you flick it. Again, maybe that’s normal but I don’t know. I would like to know how old it may be. I can only add some pictures due to the pic MBs. The rest I will add in the reply section of this pic.


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Most of time we don't know how old the fossil is without knowing where it is found.  


Where is it found?

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Welcome to the forum Bone1 !

Good you mentioned the front lawn, the flower bed of the front lawn is known to be of pleistocene age.

Sorry for joking.

Of course flower beds are places where people often put things they found elsewhere, in that case it may be difficult to find out where exactly it originally came from.

That it sounds like rock is a first clue that it may indeed be a fossil, newer bones would sound rather like heavy wood.

Maybe with some more photos from different angles one of the experts here will be able to see what kind of bone it is, that way one could narrow down the possible age.


Best Regards,



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Ok I will post more later. This thing doesn’t let me post pictures over 3.95MB. What can I do to put them all together?

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