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Hello and good evening! :)

I have passed this fossil a few times and it resides in a large limestone slab. I believe  it could be a spine due to presence of Chondrichthyan teeth in the area and how it appears to come to a point. For reference the teeth I have found include teeth from Petalodontiformes, Eugenodontida, and other Chondrichthyans. I will note I have found some petrified wood in the area, but none in a limestone matrix so it could be a Calamite.



Location: Missouri

Time period: Pennsylvanian

Formation: Muncie creek shale member







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Looks like a spine, to me. 

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19 minutes ago, Fossildude19 said:

Looks like a spine, to me. 

Thanks I thought so too, this would be my first!

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