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Trochactaeon snails - Kainach, Styria, Austria - 10/10/2020


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Could not resist collecting some more Trochactaeon snails at Breitenbach-11 in Kainach, Styria, Austria last Saturday (10/10/2020).

Especially the upper T-bed contains rather well preserved (for the formation, of course ;)) snails. But always the right amount of weathering is needed (not too much, leads to disintegration of snails; not to less, they will adhere firmly to the rock). Still some potential there. Worked only with a screwdriver, needed only a few very gentle hammer taps. No prepping, just a short brush with a soft tooth brush.

For more info about the area, have a look at my previous post:

Trochactaeon - Gosau of Kainach, Styria, Austria - Summary

Franz Bernhard



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Makes me think of the good old Schneckenwand. The exposure even looks similar.

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