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Gazelle leg bone?


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I found this fossil today. It was scattered into a few pieces, but I managed to collect most of them, and glue them together. It is one of the most complete fossils I have. It is Miocene in age and was found in Ruwais, Abu Dhabi, UAE (United Arab Emirates). My guess is that it's some sort of leg bone of either a gazelle or a jackal20201105_142106.thumb.jpg.a71ec2f9e86d536c68694724c776901d.jpg20201105_142127.thumb.jpg.97a00554a9073a9b00ba1d8661ceb110.jpg.

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Hi Mr. Bones,

good job on this puzzle.

I think it is an ulna, probably of a canine like a jackal.

But lets hear the mammal experts.



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That is a very nice find and good job on putting it back together!  I am not well versed in Miocene mammals, but am familiar with more modern bones and to me this looks like a fibula with that fairly big head and skinny shaft.  That bones tends to be vestigal or significantly reduced in some groups of animals and I know I have seen this general shape before.  That is as much help as I can offer so hopefully someone with more experience in these will be along soon.

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