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Hello to everyone,

I bought this small spinosaurus tooth some days ago and I'm now wondering if it's real or not. The seller told me that it's non reconstructed but after seeing some stuff on this forum I'm not too sure to trust him. It comes from Kem Kem.

Thanks to everyone!









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Hello. Your tooth is a real spinosaurid tooth. I'm not sure about repair though. I can't tell if this section (circled) is leftover matrix covering your tooth or if it is fill stabilizing a missing section. 



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Yea this looks like fill 


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Real, though as others have echoed it appears to be restored using matrix.

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Thanks to all of you so much! I saw in another thread that putting it for like 16 hours in acetone could help me to remove all the fake parts, does it make sense to you to do it with this tooth?

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I would not touch it you may not like the results.  if you dont like it buy another one.   Some bonding adhesives used by Moroccans do not react to acetone just water

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