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Hey hey, all fossil enthusiasts!


I found these pictures of a fossil, and got curious about what kind of mammal it is. Have read about ancient camels recently and maybe thought that it is maybe a Poebrotherium skull? 


I don't have to much knowledge about these kinds of fossils. But would like to get some tips about how to identify these kinds of camel fossils. And maybe also how to tell the fake ones from the real ones. Since I like that kind of "investigation".












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Without pulling out my books, this looks like a Poebrotherium skull.  Certainly a camel.  I had to look at it a few times.  It looks like the thing was found with the yellowish bones already exposed; they grayer bones were exposed in the lab, but it has some weird coloring on the top of the nose.  I have never seen that... makes me wonder.  

It would help to know where it came from.  Except for the weird colors, it could certainly be from the White River Formation of the western US... specimen and the rock look right. 

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