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Mazon Creek Jellyfish?


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Location: Mazon Creek (Illinois)


I think some or all of these may be jellyfish, but I'd like to defer to others. If they are not jellyfish, what are they? The last two photos are both sides of the same pieces. There appears to be something on both sides. Thank you for your time.


0817a U227 cropped.jpg

0795a U186 cropped.jpg

0730b U135 cropped.jpg

0803a U195 cropped.jpg

0819a U229 cropped.jpg

0819c U229 cropped.jpg

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#1 could be pyrite which is fairly common in Pit 11 nodules

#2 looks like an indeterminate blob

#3, #4 are Essexella

#5 contains calcite crystals

#6 I don't see anything

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I agree with @connorp, but I would clean then all up with some vinegar and then rinse them off and they should show more detail and clean away any residue.

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Thanks to all of you for the help. I agree they could be cleaned up better. After reading some of the threads here on cleaning with vinegar, it sounds like things can go wrong if you don't know what you're doing. Distilled water makes sense for rinsing. Are people just soaking them in vinegar for a few minutes, or for hours? Do you take a soft toothbrush to them? I'm a little bit hesitant without further understanding.

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For a Jellyfish specimen a diluted vinegar soak should be fine.  I personally use a 10:1 water:vinegar dilution for around 15 minutes then brush with a tooth brush.  The problems with mazon vinegar cleaning, that I am aware of,  are professionals then not being able to do chemical analyses on soft tissues, or with it washing away at more delicate parts of some plant material. Your specimen being a common but still really cool jellyfish should be just fine with a vinegar cleaning.

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