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Germany builds a T-Rex for the US

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I just stumbled upon this news and find it kind of weird, that a german museum puts together an original T-Rex for someone from the USA. 


Does anyone have any information on this specimen? why not give it to an US Museum? Too expensive maybe? I mean shipping it to Germany and back to the USA wont be cheap. 




Article is only in German, but Google Translate does the job. (in the picture, the T-Rex that is standing here in front of the bones is Rocky, the Museums own original T-Rex) 





For US millionaire


Bavarian dinosaur researchers prepare a complete T-Rex skeleton


Order from overseas: In Bavaria, dinosaur experts put together a Tyrannosaurus Rex - from around 300 pieces of bone. The prepared skeleton is to be sent to the owner in summer.


Bavarian dinosaur experts are currently reconstructing a complete Tyrannosaurus Rex on behalf of an American millionaire. The skeleton will later be about twelve meters long and four meters high, said Michael Völker, the founder of the dinosaur museum in Denkendorf.

In the summer, the more than 60 million year old T-Rex should be completely prepared and then sent back to the USA. In total, around a dozen employees are involved. Initially, the »Donaukurier« reported on the project.


The owner of the prehistoric animal became aware of the museum in Upper Bavaria through the internationally acclaimed exhibitions and publications, said Völker. In addition, animals have already been reproduced in Denkendorf. "The word got around."


For the assembly of the T-Rex, the museum has around 300 bone parts. According to Völker, around a quarter are fossilized original bones. These are supplemented with plastic casts and the whole thing is finally held together with a steel frame.


The researchers have yet to determine with the owner in which position the dinosaur will be immortalized. It depends on whether the animal should be mounted in an attacking position or look up, whether it should rather walk or stand, said Völker. "Then at the end you have a kind of kit." The individual body parts could be dismantled again and stored in transport boxes.



Here is a tour through the museum with some more pictures from Rocky.



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