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Purchased together as one lot a long time ago from online auction, was also sold as unknown bones. If you need a better photo of anything let me know. I did the repair as well with hydrocal as it was broken. Zero smell with burn test on both. Curious if someone could share opinoin ?








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val horn

they look like fossils that i have seen from the white river area nebraska.  i feel like i should recognize the bones but i am having trouble.  can you try to get some more photos,  from straight above the individual bones  Harry Pristis  should be able to help.

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The specimens look like they are from the Oligocene badlands of (  South Dakota or Nebraska or Wyoming ). In the first photo the right hand specimen is from a perissoactyl(odd toed hoofed ungulates).  Judging by size I would say it is from the medium sized rhino Subhyracodon occidentalis and the bone is second or forth metacarpal. I can't tell what the other specimen is.

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I have enclosed different photos, thank you both for sharing your knowledge. 




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