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Woolly Mammoth Tooth from Russia

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I just received this Woolly Mammoth Tooth from Russia and am sharing it with the forum for discussion. It appears to have been coated with a clear substance like poly urethane (At the tip of one root is a solidified drop). The specimen measures approximately 7”x6”x3”



CC05893D-11DD-4F7E-94B7-1EDB3EFA352D.jpeg  170BFAD5-C225-4DF6-859A-A709FD5CB7E8.jpeg

B059DE34-7561-463B-80D1-DEA1897E1990.jpeg  B5E72349-AFBD-40A2-B9AC-FBA3600966D4.jpegE9D2C59E-D171-41F2-85E7-E0A39FC5E3C9.jpeg


E84994F9-B85F-4C3A-81A4-3318A933297B.jpeg  08A82F94-92E2-46A1-B794-3BE2DC4D2526.jpeg






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Nice tooth, despite the coating.  :) 

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  • Fossildude19 changed the title to Woolly Mammoth Tooth from Russia

I’m an invertebrate guy, but if I am not mistaken, woolly mammoth teeth are usually stabilized with a consolidant. The typical ones can be mixed to different viscosities. Maybe they put it on extra thick? :Confused05:


You could always test an inconspicuous spot to see if you can remove some of the coating with a solvent like acetone. 

Like Tim, I still think it is a nice tooth. :) 

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Harry Pristis

I hope it's not polyurethane, 'cause that stuff is next to impossible to remove.  

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Very shiny tooth but as Harry said I hope it’s not polyurethane 

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I will try to the acetone later this month.

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