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Help in identifying these fossils please

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I found a few what I believe are corals on along the Atlantic Ocean in Connacht, Ireland.  I would appreciate any identification as I am new to collecting fossils, thank you.






IMG_20210508_182854_9 1.jpg




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Solitary rugose corals? 

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I agree, these look like rugose corals. A quick search of geologic maps in Ireland suggests a chunk of the coast you mention is Paleozoic (although I haven't found exact formations). For a more specific age I'd recommend taking a look at geologic maps of Ireland online as they could likely be Ordovocian or Carboniferous.

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Tidgy's Dad

Yes, some really lovely Lower Carboniferous solitary rugose 'horn' corals. 

Identification of the species is not easy without polished sections, but some of these have enough details of the septa showing that an expert might know.


Any thoughts, Tarquin?

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They look large and are probably Siphonophyliia sp. Or possibly other caniniids.

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There also appears to be an orthocone nautiloid piece in pics 6-8.

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