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ID - Found at Kew Beach on Lake Ontario in Toronto, ON, Canada


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My daughter found this rock at Kew Beach in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She thought her dad knew everything but he can't help with this! She is very excited to know what she found and Google has made us more uncertain rather than certain. We're hoping the community here can tell us what she found or at least point us in the right direction.



Steve & Big Bunny






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And these are likely Ordovician in age.

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Thank-you! Very cool, and a 7 year-old's day has been made and a 43 year-old's faith in the good of the Internet has been restored. 

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2 hours ago, BigBunny said:

7 year-old's

Might be a little over their heads around here sometimes, but it's a safe place to learn to 'swim'. :)

By the way I bet a search of this site using the terms rockwood quote bugs bunny will get a hit.

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