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A few days ago searched for a quarry north of Cuddybackville but not found.

On the way home stopped near Rose's Point where a very large rock pile did indicate a quarrying operation.

These from loose rock at the cut. FOV 6-8"


0116 3145.jpg

0116 3146.jpg

0116 3147.jpg

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Great finds, Gordon!

That second one is quite stunning for Devonian? aged plants!

Thanks for posting them. 


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Congratulations Gordon. Those are some amazing finds! The first one looks like a much bigger version of some of the branches you and I found. The first two specimens appear to have enough features to make them identifiable. The last one, I believe, are roots. Thanks for sharing.

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Yeah, looks like Hamilton Group type rock to me. Very nice finds, especially the second pic. Any chance there is more detail on that piece?

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