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I found this ammonite when i split some shale at runswick bay. 

It looks different from the others maybe because it has been crushed? Can anybody ID?


I wet it to try to make it easier to see.






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Looks like Eleganticeras to me. There are a couple of beds exposed repeatedly along that stretch of coast just full of these flatly pressed ammonites. Tiltoniceras and Harpoceras are also amongst the fauna.

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It looks like a piece of the Tiltoniceras bed from near the top of the Grey Shales (about 6ft below the Eleganticeras band with Cannonball nodules).

Technically hard to distinguish from Eleganticeras when crushed but the association (multiple crushed specimens with Dactylioceras - actually D. semicelatum) is distinctive in that area. 

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Tarquin seems to have tipped it more precisely than myself.

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