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Marine Fossil??

Travis K.

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I found a few fossils while on a hunting trip. The fossil Im most curious about is in the first 2 pictures. Any Idea what it might be? Third picture seems like obvious marine fossils.

Fossil 1.JPG

Fossil 2.JPG

Shell fossil.JPG

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The first is an orthoconic nautiloid. 

Edit; Herb may be right, actually it could be a section of crinoid stem. 

The second looks like a solitary rugose 'horn' coral


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The first item looks tapered, like an orthoconic nautiloid.  :headscratch:

Could be a crinoid stem, but it would have to be extracted to make that determination. 







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it is a weathered crinoid stem with the internal features showing. Stem right below the calyx are often slightly tapered. Common in the Ft.Payne formatiom.

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