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bone fragments or sponge?


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a these bone fragments? these bone fragments?  found in Brookshire texas in a gravel load by the way the gravel is from the Brazos River


item #1 - 5 pics

item #2 - 

Sat Oct 06 10-23-11.jpg

Sat Oct 06 10-23-32.jpg

Sat Oct 06 10-23-44.jpg

Sat Oct 06 10-24-01.jpg

Sat Oct 06 10-24-15.jpg

Sat Oct 06 10-31-35.jpg

Sat Oct 06 10-32-01.jpg

Sat Oct 06 10-32-11.jpg

Sat Oct 06 10-32-24.jpg

Sat Oct 06 10-33-29.jpg

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First one has possible worm borings. Second one looks like it may be bone fragment

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I would like to see sharper/clearer images for the 1st fragment. I can see both being bone fragments and the 1st possibly even turtle shell and can see why the others would suggest other options for that piece.


Regards, Chris 

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Better pictures would help.

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