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Got up early on a cold cloudy morning trying to hit low tide (about 15 minutes late).  There was a lot of sand covering stuff as usual with an east wind, but I could walk around at the shell line and quickly picked up three shrimp coprolite burrows (generally what I find are two inch long cylinders, but I have been worried about bias  in my hunting, and have found two wider, shorter pieces (rods look the same?) and several broken ends from cylinders/ burrows.  One of the darker pieces @Carl  @GeschWhatis from my last trip, many of the others may have been posted, I just jumble them together to dry (have 25-30 total now; get zero to four per trip). Some of the smaller pieces seem to be concretions @Plax rather than coprolites (more variability in the structures than the rods).  The tide came in quick and despite a lot of material on the beach, everything I found was in the wash. 

Also found a small jaw piece with three circular holes of slightly different size.  And the usual sand tiger shark spikes, some more colorful than usual.  



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I second what Carl said!

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