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Stigmaria root fragment? Or just fine grained sandstone cemet.


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Collected this piece around Offerton, Manchester, UK. Site is known for yielding fossil plants from Upper Carboniferous, Silesian Westphalian, Langsettian, Pennines coal measures formation (318.0 - 319.0 Ma) age in Siltstones. Collected sigillaria, cyperties, and Neuropteris specimens. Picked this chunk of  rock while cleaning hands at a stream right adjacent to the site and found this strange rock. Look like infilled by fine sandstone grains in cross section. Grooved and bumps slightly visible, mostly due to heavy erosion from the stream itself. I have looked up some specimens of stigmaria root fragments and shows slight resemblance. Would it be something else?

Would be great to know.







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I don’t think this is a fossil

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This resembles something we find in streams here which cut through Wealden material. Sandstone tends to go a blackish colour in freshwater which means you only have the shape to go on. I've frequently picked up similar bits thinking they might be bone material but they're often eroded out and stream rolled gutter cast material. It may be that sort of thing.

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