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  2. T-Rex toenail?

  3. T-Rex toenail?

    There is a spring fed pond in Weatherford, Tx. that has a grouping of the largest fossils that i have ever seen. These fossils were gathered and placed in a circle around this pond by ancient Indians who lived there prior to and during the time that my friend's ancestors purchased the land. Some single bones are larger than my car, only a very few could be picked up by man alone, and I got a few by the owners permission, and here is one of those!
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  5. Echinodermata from Morocco ID help

    Thanks a lot, @piranha
  6. Info about pliocene italian authors

    What you might have to do is go to a university library with a long run of Rivista Italiana di palaeontologia and look on the back of each issue, where the index ("sommario") is for that journal, past the point of the most recent citation you know of. You might find an obituary/death notice or a special issue in their honor that way. You might have to try that with other journals in which they have published. Jess
  7. Hello, don´t know if this is the right forum, please feel free to move it. However, I would like to ask you, what do you think (in your personal opinion) is the most characteristic fossil or fossil group of Austria, this realy small country in central Europe, containing fossiliferous strata from the Ordivician to the Pleistocene. You can give also second or third choices, of course. Btw, if you have also an opinion about the most characteristic Austrian mineral, rock and mineralic raw material ("ore"), please let me know. Thank you very much for your participation! Franz Bernhard
  8. Unknown phalanx from Sharktooth hill

    Hi Mike, I was thinking sea turtle as a possibility too but would expect both ends to be more pitted as a sign of a site of continued bone growth - can be difficult to distinguish from postmortem wear. Bobby's probably right but I would go ahead and see if I could find some images of sea turtle flipper bones. Jess
  9. Looking for information on my abelisaur tooth.

    Thanks! So you reckon its the same kind? Have they given it a nickname? Thanks so much for replying.
  10. Tiny Ammonites ID

    can recommend:
  11. kinda big bone

    The taxa may be differentiated. Clean out the foramina and photograph them and any remaining muscle attachments. Not real close-ups, but close enough to still locate these features on the bone.
  12. Tiny Ammonites ID

    Okay, this one's making me a little crazy. We can rule out Acanthoceras and Stoliczkaia now that we see the whorl profile. I assume Nimravis meant to say Roanoke instead of Roanote Texas which would most likely put in the Pawpaw Formation of the Lower Cretaceous but the only thing I can find even close to the right size that mostly matches the available features is Prioncyclites mite Kennedy 1988 which is from the Upper Cretaceous, Eagle Ford Group. That might explain why I thought I had seen these at the Waco Pit site but they don't belong at Roanoke. Dan said he has seen them in Duck Creek or Ft. Worth Limestone which are also Washita Group. That means they don't belong either of those places either so it has to be something else but I sure don't know what.
  13. Fossils And Football

    Yes great story coupled with fossilng. Also interesting to hear the word " buckeye" . Here in the UK they are known as conkers. I've played in the World Conker championship a few times. https://www.worldconkerchampionships.com
  14. kinda big bone

    Well that is quite the find, I’d put the green with envy emoticon except I don’t know where I’d put it if I’d found one I don’t know if there is a way but maybe @Harry Pristis does.
  15. Looking for information on my abelisaur tooth.

    Most splendid tooth! There's this : http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/newsandeventspggrp/imperialcollege/newssummary/news_29-2-2016-9-34-57
  16. kinda big bone

    What an extraordinary find ! WOW !
  17. kinda big bone

    I almost tripped over this log today while out on the Brazos River. So my question is...Is there a way to differentiate mammoth femur from mastodon femur. I can post more pics after I clean it up a bit. Right now all I know is that it weighs 52lbs, 17 inches wide and 30 inches long. It was fun carrying up the bank and back to my car. And wondering if I would dive in after it if I swamped the kayak on the trip back.....
  18. Looking for information on my abelisaur tooth.

    So I bought one of those small abelisaur teeth that came from kem kem that everyone keeps falsely calling raptor teeth. Does anyone know any more information on it? Abelisaurs have small teeth compared to their heads so the creature probably wasn't too tiny. It's about 1.5 - 2cm with even serrations. As i understand it not much is known of this animal but anything you guys know would be appreciated! -Tom
  19. A question about clearing away rock debis

    The straw only works if you don’t practice lung safety.
  20. 2013 paper on Patagonian Cretaceous Theropods

    Actually...I do have a link to this one in the 'General Theropods' section of my pdf library...but thanks for bringing it to our attention! Keep up the good work! -Joe
  21. Today’s finds from the Peace.

    Those are really big fossils! Your fossil shed must be getting pretty full. Nice finds!
  22. Today’s finds from the Peace.

    Thanks guys, I think the season has officially opened!
  23. So, I have acquired a specimen of every species from cretolamna to C. megalodon. Now I just need to get better representatives, or ones that fit the bill better (posteriors, around 2 inches, and curved to the right). The last specimen is coming in the mail later this month (a auriculatus). I need to find a new otodus, a larger angy, a complete meg, and maybe an aksauticus that curves right. Here’s the set without auriculatus, I’ll update this thread with it once it comes. I’ll have to get working on the GW shark line next, that one will be MUCH harder...
  24. Today’s finds from the Peace.

    Nice finds Joshua, good luck out there
  25. Tiny Ammonites ID

    That is pretty cool. They’re a beautiful color of crystal. I wasn’t familiar with malachite, it reminded me a little of beryl in color, but not form so much. I believe malachite is probably correct. Still that just makes those little gyms all the more special and so very cool.
  26. Today’s finds from the Peace.

    Some real beauties, nice job! I’m sure you’ll find more this week!
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