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  2. West Texas Cretaceous Brachiopod Question

    hahhahah!! Thank you @grandpa ! I know enough to know I don't know much.....:D @ClearLake - I did not find any that were open, or rather, I did not pick any up. I will clean them up and take a few close up pics.
  3. Agatized Aturia Angustata

    Same state, but all I find are river rock.. But then I work nights & have no car, so that may have a bit to do with it. lol Those really are quite beautiful.
  4. Weird Fossil ( Missouri )

    Check out the Dallas Paleo Society website: https://www.dallaspaleo.org/resources/Documents/PGUPFT 2b cephalopods.pdf It could be a Schistoceras missouriense
  5. West Texas Cretaceous Brachiopod Question

    Jamie, as a fellow central Texan, I must say that I find your posts bring some of the most challenging and intriguing questions that I can relate to from my similar hunting experiences. I love your posts. Can't wait to see the solution to this one. Keep finding things where they don't belong and bringing them to our attention. I learn a lot from your posts.
  6. New member ID Request

    Welcome to the forum also. I live in Venice and collect shark teeth for my students. I find more teeth a few miles to the East than at the beach. The color of the tooth in your first two photos is unique to me. I just dumped out a few jars of teeth and could not find a color match. Even though the tooth is beat up, the back of the tooth has a cool color scheme. -Regards Michael
  7. Weird Fossil ( Missouri )

    Yes, that is definitely some type of ammonite.
  8. Weird Fossil ( Missouri )

    Looks like a ceratitic ammonoid/nautiloid. What county was it found in?
  9. West Texas Cretaceous Brachiopod Question

    I might suggest, if you can, to do a little more cleaning of your specimens around the beak and/or pedical opening. That may be fairly critical in getting a good ID. Did you find any specimens where you can see the interior of the valves? Thanks
  10. Got wood?

    There is no easy way. The best way to stabilize the lignite is with PEG (polyethylene glycol) http://www.thefossilforum.com/index.php?/topic/19304-preserving-lignite-fossils-with-polyethylene-glycol/ The other problem is the unstable form of pyrite (what you are smelling), likely marcasite. A lot of the pyrite tends to be stable, but larger pieces like that are usually not the stable form (the metallic smell is an indicator of an ongoing reaction). To counteract it, you need to apply something that isolates it from the oxygen and moisture in air. I use Paraloid for that. I haven't tried applying paraloid to a specimen with PEG in it yet, but it should work. Keep the lignite submerged in water until you PEG it.
  11. Orthoceras I

    My experience has shown me that in the case of this strongly mineralized nautiloid it would work.
  12. Orthoceras I

    Is bleach safe to use with fossils? I have never used it for this purpose but I do know from bone collecting that it can be detrimental to the structure of bone, obviously, these are very different but still, I feel like bleach may be a bit too strong of a chemical for something like this. I generally use Hydrogen Peroxide for such applications
  13. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    Nice additions! Every collection needs some dino teeth.
  14. Weird Fossil ( Missouri )

    Location is in Missouri The area is dated to the Pennsylvanian Formation: Probably apart of the Raytown limestone member Found this weird fossil on my latest fossil hunting trip, I personally believe it to be some sort of Amminoid since the pattern seems to extend away from the shell and not towards it, but I have only found Nautiloids in the area ( Only 2 spiral shaped specimens that do not look like this and 3 cone shaped.) If anyone can Identify if this is a an Ammonoid or something else I would love to know more! the middle Section with the weird ball like pattern in the middle and what I assume are gas chambers around it
  15. I am not sure about paint or any repairs that may have been done to it but overall it is definitely a real bug. The detail that you see in your piece would be very hard to replicate, there are also marks left by the preparation tools which you can see on the first picture on the glabella and the part of the cephalon that protrudes a bit. These marks or scratches occurred when the bug was being prepared and the person doing so may have slipped up or unexpectedly hit the trilobite itself, such marks would not be present on a fake bug. Overall it looks like a nice piece.
  16. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    These are some goodies from today! Mammoth Tooth partial from the North Sea, as well as a Carcharodontosaurus and Spinosaurus
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  18. Kem Kem pterosaur beak. Alanqa?

    He describes it in the description as Azhdarchoid
  19. Got wood?

    and now that you say that i remember that my hands had a chemical smell after i held it. Thanks again
  20. Kem Kem pterosaur beak. Alanqa?

    Very interesting information... it seems like the first group... What it’s the name of this group?
  21. Hi I'll pre-face this by saying that I collect fairly cheap fossils as a little hobby and am very far from an expert! So I bought a fairly inexpensive moroccan cornuproetus cornutus trilobite fossil from a UK supplier which has just arrived today. I opened it and immediately was was taken aback by how clean the fossil looks compared with any other trilobite fossils I own (although most of these I have picked up from market stalls for cheap or found myself). I'd expect to see little dints, fade, discolourations etc. but the whole thing just looks a little too good to be true to my admittingly untrained eye. Pics here; When looking closely as edges, it kinda looks like it's been painted at points. Almost jade black colour. Underside Description on the site was Cornuproetus cornutus Mid Devonian, Eifelian Jbel Issoumour, Near Alnif, Morocco 'This specimens has been very well prepared and has excellent eye detail. A very nice example of this Proetid trilobite. The matrix has been smoothed for overall aesthetics ' So is it real? Has it been painted? Or is this just a very nicely detailed model?! Thoughts much appreciated Thanks Thomas
  22. Are there dinosaurs bones?

    Croc scutes circled
  23. Lee Creek ID help

    I found this interesting item this morning. Looks like a tooth but to what kind I have no idea cute shells Pinfish tooth and small shark tooth
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