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  2. I don't know how many of us even know what all that jargon means, doushantuo, never mind who has the ability/tools to test those things...?
  3. prolly waste from the yacht-builing industry,I guess. Just throwing longbranching di- and triterpenes into the sea,maybe? VIDE what i said before NMR/spin resonance might also tell if it is copal,if not phytochemistry.
  4. I'm with JohnJ on these.
  5. Check out this thread. It states Rosin was produced in large quantities in NC, and Snolly seems to think that rosin will also soften with acetone or alcohol. Then the pictures posted still make me think rosin. I am not super familiar with the Carolinas, but has anyone ever seen copal wash up there?
  6. Post away, no one will be "overloaded" By it.
  7. Thanks....I kind of had the same educated guess but never know I just wanted to make sure I was'nt throwing anything away. Im taking another drive up there tomorrow anyone have any tips on the brook or is it all alot of luck? thanks
  8. I have around 6 more items that I have been hoping to get identified but I don't want to overload anyone. I appreciate your help Tony and everyone else. My 11 year old son loves to hunt for fossils and we have learned so much because of these message boards.
  9. Some real beauties in this collection-ones we don't usually get to see. I'm sure anybody would appreciate getting these. Looks like you made out real well. Congratulations and thanks for posting, Roger.
  10. Tony just sits waiting for fossil ID posts! He is good too!
  11. That would exclude amber. It could be copal.
  12. YNOT - Thank you!!! I am okay that it's not a tooth. I love the way it looks
  13. Sorry, not a tooth. Looks like a tumbled rock. Tony
  14. I've had this for a few years and I can't remember where in North Carolina I found this. Possibilities are Aurora, Wrightsville, Topsail or OBX. Thank you so much for looking at my photos and helping me!
  15. I could definitely see it being used for one. JarrodB says it's some type of natural formation.
  16. Well I was kind on envisioning one about 20x bigger but I'll take it. The quest continues for the big one.
  17. With the information provided so far I would go with copal.
  18. YNOT - I cannot see anything inside the onject. abyssunder - A drop of alcohol made it sticky and it appeared to melt under flame. Copal????
  19. Nice ammonite! Since You are collecting clams now maybe You should sent this ammonite to Me. Tony
  20. Today
  21. I agree, both bivalves.
  22. That is a nice clam! Too bad You only collect ammonites-- You should send it to Me so it will have a good home! Tony
  23. Without pictures it will be tough to give any advice. I know @Troodon and @Susan from PA are really great with all things dinosaur, but they mostly deal with Hell Creek I believe. We can give them a try though!
  24. Thanks everyone for your comments!!!! ----> chunkosaur lol!
  25. Could it be an axle stone for a fire bow drill?
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