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  2. I also think that at least the humerus was very well portrayed in the image. Thank you my friend Troodon, because thanks to you, now I know that there are great chances of this humerus being a Azhdarchid Alanqa! And if this reasoning is correct, an adult individual could measure 4 to 6 meters (about 13 ft) in wingspan.
  3. Hi, I was given this by a Meg-diver from South Carolina. Looks like a Whale Vertebrae but looks a little different. Didn't know if this might be the Axis? Any help would be great from experts in that area. Thanks
  4. Enchodus tooth is last item, top row. Sawfish is 5th item middle row. 4th item middle row is either crab or ghost shrimp claw.
  5. Don't know which ones you are talking about. Sorry I'm still a newbie.
  6. Nice sawfish rostrum and enchodus tooth!
  7. I hear that from a number of members... everyone wants to work from a cellphone or some other gadget but it's not as good!
  8. Maybe the two specimen from here are in the same preservation status, confirming that Eric is right, although they are from North Carolina.
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  10. Look for info. on whale ear bone. From your area.
  11. Maybe a chert nodule.
  12. Wow Harry, I used to think I had an extensive vocabulary. Thanks for expanding my understanding and provide a "most likely" hypothesis.
  13. Looks like I can make out some suture in your fossil. I found a chert Ammonite yesterday.
  14. Out hunting today. A relative disaster. I forgot to bring paddle for my kayak and thus reduced the time we had to fossil hunt and increase the pain in my muscles. For all those who have not tried, paddling with a shovel is NOT an efficient means of transport. I did find an unusual fossil so 3 photos and an old TFF thread may help in Identification. Size 2.5 L;1.5 W;1.0 H inches
  15. Enjoyed the post! That's a nice collection you got from the Florida fossil scene!
  16. Unfortunately I believe the first item is still simply iron concretion. I still am unsure for the second item, as I do not have a good working knowledge of corals from the streams.
  17. It would be better to start a new thread. Some may not come in to this one for a second look.
  18. I agree- I'm just working off of an I-phone and it is a real pain trying to post and make screen shots so the file is not too large. I'd rather be doing it from home, where everything works better.
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  20. First find is part of an ammonite. Second find is an enchodus tooth. Third is a rock or bone, probably rock. Fourth is a rock or coral, picture is too blurry.
  21. I totally agree with you, especially after I checked the possibility of 'Caulostrepsis in Myalina shell'. And bingo! - A. Seilacher. 1969. Paleoecology of Boring Barnacles. Am. Zoologist, 9: 705-719. Once again the eminent Seilacher... I think you have a good ID.
  22. You would have to post some other pictures of all the sides. It looks like a piece of iron to me, which can at times also by shiny. Turtle bones typically have many small holes and are light weight. Other bones can look like the thing you have though. Please post some more photos please.
  23. Thank you Al! I guess it was not "unusual" for you. I have a few more pieces I cant identify, should I post it here or start a new "I cant ID" post?
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