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  2. Do fossils bend?

    I suspect the key word may be sediment. Geologist may technically exclude evaporites and the like @ynot ?
  3. That is hilarious
  4. Venice scuba finds

    Those are some cool finds. It's unfortunate that the red tide is so bad this year.
  5. 2018 Secret Santa Spectacular!!!

    I do Believe you and Santa Claus or Father Christmas will provide you my Secret Santa in which i've included that brand new species of primate :
  6. Vertebrae?

    Thank you all for your answers. Thank you!! It's just less than 3".
  7. Algae ?

    I just thought of these shots I took with the intention of making a post about stylolites. They are in the same appearing rock from the same rail bed. A bryozoan and the other algae I can't remember the name of are well exposed. Perhaps I'll see if my head is on strait with the stylolites at the same time.
  8. 2018 Secret Santa Spectacular!!!

    And so are the Tyrannosaurs :
  9. Jaw section

    I have no idea where in Travis county he found it, but Texas has a lot of exotic animal farms. Llamas are fairly common on farms besides exotic animal farms. Could it be llama? I’m thinking they would be a bit bigger, but their bigness is mostly legs and neck.
  10. Bird ?

    I found something quite similar and was excited, but for a very short time when I realized it was burrow.
  11. What happened to this ammonite?

    Maybe it's not from the Gault Clay then?
  12. White Rock

    You know @Herb posted something like it a while ago.
  13. Need ID

    It is from the Khouribgha area. I am not a crocodile specialist, I think it is a Dyrosaurid but maybe someone can be more precise (family) ?. There is a bone on top of it that is is not part of the jaw but I kept it because I think it makes the piece more interesting. Can anybody tell what kind of bone that could be? The first picture is when I just started preparation. The rest when finsihed.
  14. Vertebrae?

    There's a great app I use, download here: https://www.irfanview.com/ You can resize photos with it. Click on 'image' from top menu, then click on 'resize/resample' to make the image smaller. Also you might simply try cropping your photo to have less MB. Welcome to the Forum from Kansas!
  15. Vertebrae?

    Yup, bone fish vert.
  16. Vertebrae?

    It’s a modern bony fish vertebra.
  17. Lol Very expensive and incredibly high maintenance BUT I have been very good this year .
  18. Vertebrae?

    Thank you!! It's just less than 3".
  19. Lance Creek bone

    Here is another Lance Creek piece. I’m thinking it is a piece off an Edmontodaur vertebrae. How far off base am I?
  20. White Rock

    What do You think of the possibility the objects in question are styolites?
  21. Tooth found in sink hole

    @Uncle Siphuncle May have thoughts on it. He is very knowledgeable on Texas Pleistocene and Cretaceous material. He is from Central Texas area. That is a cool find of it is Pleistocene. I don’t believe I have ever seen anyone post one of those before.
  22. 2018 Secret Santa Spectacular!!!

    Are you expensive ?
  23. Vertebrae?

    Welcome to TFF! You may need to reduce the picture size. You can do this in paint or by emailing the picture to Yourself.
  24. Another sinkhole find

    More views and a scale would help with ID.
  25. Vertebrae?

    Hello, we spent the weekend looking for shells, and found this bone. Glad I didn't step on it while digging around, lol I'd like a little info please. Actually I'm trying to upload a pic, its saying can only be 3.95mb, it's just a regular pic
  26. Another sinkhole find

    Looks like part of a antler. This is an international forum so it would be helpful for all of us to have a better idea of geographic location. I am assuming you speak of Travis County, Texas. Travis county has Ozan Cretaceous and Pleistocene age material. If the antler is mineralized then it would be of Pleistocene age. You wouldn’t find an antler from the Cretaceous.
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