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  2. Dimetrodon fang

    Whoa! Now THAT is a tooth! Beautiful!
  3. Where to find footprints in NJ?

    Many fossil hunters are reluctant to give away locations, ... and not likely here on a Public Forum, where hundreds of people view the pages here. Rely on that method is a shot in the dark. You should probably read everything you can by Paul Olsen, about the Newark Supergroup, Passaic, Stockton, and Lockatong Formations. Chances are, you will get an idea of where you should be looking. LINK 1 LINK 2 Many of the sites may no longer be accessible. In such cases, it is always good to scout around for creek, stream, or ravine access nearby. Keep in mind, you must obtain the permission of local landowners to look on their property. Much of fossil hunting is just that. Hunting. Hunting down research, Hiking, exploring, doing more research, bushwhacking, even more research and maybe you get lucky, once or twice. If it was easy, everyone would do it, and it would be called Fossil Finding. Good Luck.
  4. Fourth time lucky

    Hi my phone won't let me upload pics, it's saying not enough memory, could someone please look at my finds on YouTube, Gary T Tomo new fossil find east Yorkshire, pls pls help, I've been trying to post for an hour, thank you in advance
  5. Newbie fossil help

    Thank you both I'm going to have a good google now x when you say a 'section' of an ammonite is that because the spiral pattern stops? It has smaller fossils on the back too.
  6. My trip to lowes

    Yes, the whole thing is frustrating especially, because the shell is scooped up and bagged only about 20 miles from my house in a shell pit...but do you think any collectors can get access...of course not. The whole thing makes me wonder if I should go buy a few bags...but first look at them all... they are clear plastic, I think I am getting in over my head, I much prefer my kayak and a verdant bank to look for similar things, rather than the concrete slab of the garden area where the bags are stacked next to the pavers. It was just a fluke, but a pleasant one.
  7. Arkona 9/16/17

    Yeah I just noticed that and that trilobite Malcolm prepared is gorgeous.
  8. Looking for trilobites

    Everywhere, both sides of the road...i stop every trip north to Grand Haven, MI from Ft Myers, Florida. A really fun place.
  9. Hi everyone! I'm wanting to purchase my first Keichousaurus and found one online I like. I know that buying online from China is VERY risky. This seller has 100 percent positive feedback and communicates well so I am hoping it's real. Can anyone tell by these photos if this specimen appears authentic? I don't mind a little paint as long as the fossil is real.
  10. What are these?

    That's a nice plate. If it were mine I'd polish it in a rock tumbler.
  11. Mystery Vert From Big Brook in N.J.

    It resembles a vertebra from the Monmouth county streams that Dave Parris confirmed for me as being a turtle vertebra. It is around 1.5 cm. Here are a few pictures:
  12. what gastero ?

    Sorry for the late answer, this site is very interesting, thank you.
  13. What are your shipping costs?

    I just sent 2 parcels to the UK. The first was a small box that was 33.3oz and cost $34.50. The other was a small cushion envelope weighing 6.7 oz that cost $13.50.
  14. What are your shipping costs?

    I'll be sending my overseas heavy parcels to you then!
  15. corals

    It's mineral, because it's very hard.
  16. Another Mystery Fossil

    Peanuts for a man of your wealth...
  17. A new fossil hunting in the Charentes Maritimes

    I see where you're speaking about. I really didn't see ones, but maybe will i find some in one of the blocks i brought back.
  18. Dimetrodon fang

    Nice fang!
  19. What are your shipping costs?

    I'm probably not much help, or the norm for England, but since were stationed at a US military base in England, we can send packages for a flat rate depending on the size of the box, or send a box based on weight. With flat rate shipping, as long as it fits in the box and is less than 70lbs, doesn't tend to be more than $20. Like I said, it's not much help if you don't have an APO box, but thought I would share my experience. If any Americans see my response, would you be willing to ship to an APO? It's technically an American address. (Sorry to piggy back off of your post)
  20. Is this an echinoid?

    Sand dollars are flat, but it does look to me like it has the shape of an echinoid steinkern, as DPS Ammonite has already pointed out.
  21. Today
  22. Thank you. I found a seller of a spinosaurus tibia that fits my composite pretty well. The project just evolved from "foot" to "leg".
  23. Dimetrodon fang

    WOW would be the find of the year for me
  24. Dimetrodon fang

    Wow! Very nice!
  25. Dimetrodon fang

    Hi everyone- quick post of a massive Dimetrodon post canine. The root is attached which is really nice. Have a large ddon skull nearby with an empty socket that this may go to. size is 3 inches. Still have a little bit of matrix to remove.
  26. What are your shipping costs?

    I sended a package of 1 kilo for 18 euros to south korea from Belgium. I also wondered why shipping from the US is so expensive.
  27. New Jersey Cretaceous bone

    Its structure seems very different from plesiosaur bones and it's a lot denser than turtle bones. I would say it is most likely mosasaur or dino, but I guess it can be croc.
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