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  2. @Boesse Dr. Weems says Calvert Zone 15 is at the base along this section of the cliff. The specimen came from about 6 feet above the base / beach line. @MarcoSr can add more. Cheers!
  3. I would do it if there were no traffic! And if I had a car with good mileage, and could afford the plane flight to SLC and could breeze thru Customs, and, and.... I think the traffic in Europe might explain, at least in part, why they're less willing to drive long distances over there... I was in Switzerland in 2011 so I saw it first hand. Too many people! Gas prices would be another reason. I think gas is generally cheaper in Canada than in Europe, and cheaper in the US than Canada.
  4. Cephalopods Worldwide

    Here you can view everything that had feet coming out of its head before burial in countries and counties outside of southern Germany.
  5. Found Middle TN Root fossil?

    There is a high amount of ironstone present in the area, also iron concretions. I agree with the others, being a concretion with iron content.
  6. Found at low tide ocean

    Another vote for scapula from a domestic animal cut with a butchering saw.
  7. Somehow missed this topic last year but glad to read it now and see it progressing. Cheers. -Ken
  8. Digital Fossil Museum

  9. Came across this on the Internet, thought it might help for TFF members with vertebrae in their collections. "Not all vertebrae are the same! One way of classifying vertebrae is based on the ends of the vertebra body. The ends can be concave, convex, flat, saddle-like, etc. Check out the diversity in vertebrae below!"
  10. Research delays...

    Thanks! Found the picture on John Pickrell's Twitter page - he occasionally posts stuff about opalised fossils -Christian
  11. Amber inclusion ID please

    I would agree!
  12. Much Wenlock coral

    I'm referring to what is sketched below, evidently the holes are not in opposite sides. excerpt from Haude et al., 2014
  13. Vacation Fossils

    Well that didn't take long for you to find some fossils!
  14. Today
  15. Amber inclusion ID please

    Wouldn't be fractures. The amber would have to be hardened for that & I don't think the bug would last that long. If you notice, most of it is flowing around it from front to sides, most likely caused by the bug trying to move in the resin. The dark lines could just be a small amount of dirt or a darker portion of the resin. Think waves & wake around a boat. Compressed at the front & spreading out along the sides as it flows back. I've got several pieces of Sumatran amber with some beautiful swirl patterns.
  16. What urchin ?

    I hope the photos will be good enough, that's night now here.
  17. Amber inclusion ID please

    I think they’re fracture lines from the inclusion moving. Does that happen? I’ll upload another pic when on my laptop.
  18. Cave Bear or Cave Hyena canine roots ID?

    I have doubt as to whether there is enough there to make an accurate determination as to the original owner of these pieces.
  19. rapp beach bone

    @Boesse Have an opinion on this one ?
  20. Amber inclusion ID please

    I'm wondering what might be the surrounding pattern?
  21. Vacation Fossils

    And, of course, the fossil imposters. These are either clay moulds, or a form of cement with inclusions and patterns. The last one has a modern shell in section surrounded by plant leaf in radiating impression. Many more days here, and I hope to spend some time at a few limestone tailings sites nearby. That is much easier to do with a daiquiri in hand, of course.
  22. Much Wenlock coral

    Intermediate elements of the stem ! Didn't see that one coming.
  23. Vacation Fossils

    Slabs of limestone are commonly saw-cut and used as tiling for pool decks and walkways. These gastropod cross-sections were quite neat and large. The second one was about 12 cm.
  24. Vacation Fossils

    Our first full day of sun, sand, and surf in Jamaica bumped up against some fossils, and pseudofossils. In this area (St Ann’s Parish), more than 75% of the rock here is limestone spanning from the Cretaceous to periods in the Cenozoic. Not far from me is the Blue Mountains, the highest altitude on the island (we’re planning on a day trip to see the coffee cultivators and a 12 mile downhill bike ride). Given the abundance of limestone, it is no surprise that it features prominently in a lot of building material. Here is some fossil coral in some large, raw blocks:
  25. Much Wenlock coral

    It's intriguing to see patterns on the surface somehow resembling the plate structure of loboliths, even they are not terminal, but intermediate elements of a crinoid stem, and that might be the case why some of them have one opening and others have two.
  26. Much Wenlock coral

    Thank you!
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