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  2. Green River Fm. Insect

    Dear Northern Sharks, AgrilusHunter is correct. This looks very much like a species of Sagrinae. Only a few fossil Sagrinae have been described, apparently only from Geiseltal, Eckfelder Maar, and Menat. I am currently describing another sagrine species from Green River (which has a less froggy appearance). I might be interested to look at your specimens in a few years. It might well be a new species. Do you still have it? Cheers, Frank
  3. Baculite pieces from Alberta

    Awesome! I love the first one!
  4. which, to my surprise, turned out to be the preferred drink.... It took a while for all the dinos to get back on their feet, but once they did, they all gathered to give Sara a farewell present As winter is getting closer, and Sara will continue her journey, they decided to give her a warm winter cap - Sara was really surprised, but she immediately tried it on The cousins are now sure she will be safe and warm for the rest of her journey - the last farewell photo and tomorrow Sara sets off for another great adventure!
  5. Quite a few items- They look like rocks to me

    Thanks everyone. Just wanted to verify
  6. Quite a few items- They look like rocks to me

    Yes. Sorry, I was taking a bunch of photos and some grass got in the area
  7. After the formal part of the celebration, local cousins decided to move the party to another room - and then all the bottles that have mysteriously been gone, reappeared on the table As you can see, all of the dinos offered their own favourite type of alcohol - both various wines as well as high-percentage stuff
  8. Baculite pieces from Alberta

    Thanks for the comments. I also found this piece of an ammonite I think. It was laying in the river near shore. It must have broke into a bunch of pieces when it tumbled down. It must have been from a pretty big one because this looks like just a small piece of it. Unless it is from something else. I thought ammonites had a rounded outer edge but this edge seems to have a flattened ridge on it. It looks fragile so I don’t know what else to do with it to clean it up. I have cleaned and polished some other small pieces but they had a thin layer that was bonded solidly to the sediment layer. This one has many thin layers that are brittle.
  9. Animal Femur Savannah River

    Thank you. ☺️
  10. Welcome back, Sara's faithful followers As this is the last day of her stay in Poland and she is getting ready to pay a visit to the next TFF Member @Pagurus, so her local cousins decided to throw a farewell party for her. The asked me to order a sushi set called T-Rex (no idea, why) so Sara tried a lot of various types of sushi and of course something sweet, too.
  11. Animal Femur Savannah River

    Welcome to the Forum. To me, it looks like a large modern bone of processed animal. Saw marks on the broken edge point to this. Tannins in the rivers can color bones fairly quickly.
  12. Muddy limestone

    Running water is best for rinsing fossils off, in my opinion. Water can damage some marls, some soft mudstones, sometimes chalk, and sometimes shales. It really depends. Most limestones are fine with water. Fossils can break when drying. Those are usually soft, thin shales, and other friable matrices. It can also happen with teeth and bones. Drying in sunlight or inside should be fine for most limestones, and other sedimentary rocks. It just really depends on what type of matrix you are dealing with. It really just takes a lot of trial and error, to figure out what is best for matrix from your collecting areas. It's a good idea or habit to get into, to take pictures before and after cleaning, and before and after prep.
  13. Animal Femur Savannah River

    Hello! Can anyone help me identify this bone I collected on a beach at the Savannah River in the area known for dredging? It appears to be an animal femur. I’m new to fossils - can’t tell if this could be a really cool find or just the bone of a large processed animal as another suggested. I appreciated the help.
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  15. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    Cool fossils
  16. Found this weird rock in ignaberga

    On a similar note, rhyolite is what struck me.
  17. Big Brook 22

    Nice assortment of teeth
  18. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    So I recently got some amazing fossils from @Haravex in my mailbox. To start: a monster Sarcosuchus imperator tooth from the Early Cretaceous Elrhaz formation in Niger. This is probably my favourite tooth in my collection for the moment. From the same location, this huge lungfish tooth. None are described so I can't put a name on it yet, but the size of this thing is incredible. Last but not least: a nice sawfish rostral Barb, also from the Elrhaz formation. I think it's the first i've seen from there. Also none described unfortunately.
  19. Slides of Mazon Creek Fossils

    Very interesting historical photos, great fossils too, notably arthropods
  20. Slides of Mazon Creek Fossils

    Palaeoxyris Millipede portion Silver Fish (Thysanuran) I WILL FINISH THIS POST LATER THIS AFTERNOON
  21. Fossil preparation with air scribe

    Youve got a great scribe. As was already said. its supposed to sound like that. If it begins getting fussy and wanting to stop (or not start) then you need to clean it and oil it. They arent complicated, so dont be worried about opening it up. The front barrel just unscrews from the rear body. Clean it with some alcohol and Q-tips, dry, then lightly oil with "3 in 1" machine oil, re-assemble, then run it with the tip in a rag or paper towel for a minute until it stops spitting excess oil. When you use it, remember, less is more. Dont jamb it into the matrix, just lightly touch and let the tool do the work. If you can hear the pitch of the tool changing, then youre pressing too hard. Have some super thin super-glue (like paleo bond, but there are others as well) on hand because scribes WILL expose breaks you couldnt see, so be ready for repairs.
  22. Back to the Ohio Valley

    I was extremely happy! Not bad for my first time at the site. You had some wonderful finds to be happy about as well! The large blastoid, calyx with arms, and the one with a spike were very, very nice! I think the calyx with partial arms may have been the find of the day! The two rarly found gastropods were great finds as well. Thanks for being my excuse to get out and hunt! It was a pleasure, and we will have to do it again the next time you are down this way!
  23. Slides of Mazon Creek Fossils

    Scorpions- Cyclus americanus
  24. Found this weird rock in ignaberga

    I don't think it's bone it looks like pumice to me
  25. Slides of Mazon Creek Fossils

    If I remember correctly, any of the fossils that have the “red” background in them were from Tully’s collection. On with more Fauna- I know I said that I was not going to identify any, but depending on my time frame I will. Now some of the names might have changed, but I am going to go with what I have. Chitons- Kottixerxes gloriosus
  26. Fossil Hunting in John Day

    So close to the drivers door! Someone must have been looking over you. Are the lovely leaves from the banded hills? Mike
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