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  2. Third annual TFF Secret Santa!

    If there were fossil shoes, handbags and dresses she'd sign up like a shot. As it is I've been tying to teach her the periods of the Palaeozoic for 20 years and so far she's got as far as the Cambrian.
  3. @Doctor Mud I'll buy half the bag off ya! I'm guessing its different to PVA wood glue mixed with acetone?
  4. What made this footprint?

    SLIGHTLY reminiscent of the ichnites in Polish Triassic fluvial ("Buntsandstein")strata,where the original sediment rheology (periodic overbank flooding!)interfered with the clarity of the imprint.
  5. ?coral

  6. Another bizzare fossil resembling an ice-cream cone

    I didn't know that well ,maybe i did.Unpostable,278 MB edit:I won't open the link,but I presume it's about this one
  7. interesting finds

    Try a magnet on the first object/specimen. It may be an encrusted piece of iron. It looks to be pretty old even if it is.
  8. A new soft-bodied Ordovician marine creature https://phys.org/news/2018-01-rare-million-year-old-cone-shaped-fossil-discovery.html
  9. Weird seashell?

    From what I recently read, H. ambiguus is named this way because it is kinda “in between” H. radix and H. nigritus, representing features of both species together.
  10. Today
  11. What kind of fossil shell?

    You did, but I think that everyone here on TFF would love to see that answer too!
  12. Thank's for the laugh, this was hilarious
  13. faunal review,francophonique

    hereyougo,about 5,5 Mb GG is wellkown for his ichnological work,of course(as fig.56 will tell you),he and Demathieu,Sciau(and some others) continuing where Ellenberger left off
  14. ?coral

    update to the subject , I went to the same area (Sulaiy formation\Berriasian \ cretaceous of Saudi Arabia) and found more fossils of the same kind > 50 (lower left have more details ) , I hope this well help finally identify this fossil as a scute and the new fossil is some thing new . regards
  15. My son found it in Chelsea, Victoria

    Is it light or heavy? Rough or smooth? Also, does it look like it has been stained/dyed? Thanks!
  16. We can't figger this one out

    Thanks for the thread! Great geological sleuthing! A very enjoyable read Hope it has made its way into a museum by now...
  17. My son found it in Chelsea, Victoria

    Let's try again, thanks
  18. My son found it in Chelsea, Victoria

    No pic for me either @Sloba, please repost the images! If you are having difficulties, convert image file to pdf and then attach the pdf... It works for me!
  19. Big ammonite found in Whitby

    Still can't upload a photo does anyone know if the site is fixed yet? Thanks in advance Alex
  20. Big ammonite found in Whitby

  21. Diadectes

    Nice prep work!
  22. Crocodile teeth?

    Thx a lot! I think the other teeth are just Borealosuchus sp. Because i don't see much resemblence with brachychampsa or thoracosaurus.
  23. Another dig

    Nice! Good luck! Hope you find lots of
  24. Another dig

    Thanks guys. I'll have the ammos up here as soon as I can.
  25. Orthoceras sp. colonised with Bryozoa

    Very nice!
  26. Diadectes

    According to wikipedia they got 1.5 to 3 meters
  27. Air abrasion

    Thanks everyone! Its the Harbor Freight one that I tried with no success. @Kane I see that Paasche has different models what one did get? I find it strange that we have so few options build our own or patch something together. I am trying not to go the do it myself route due to issues with arthritis in my hands and arms.
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