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  2. Mark Kmiecik

    Ammonite quarry

    Great report. Beautiful fossils!
  3. Maybecatchfire


    Greetings! Here for likeminded friends and fossil identification. 

  4. phillies2740

    Big Brook Monmouth County New Jersey Fossil Identification

    Hello @val horn and thank you for your response and assistance. Here are additional pictures of #1. I appreciate your time! Bill
  5. R0b

    Ammonite quarry

    Interesting report thanks for sharing
  6. nala

    Ammonite quarry

    Very nice finds and report!
  7. Thanks Frank for taking the time out to check your teeth
  8. @bthemoose - is your Secret Santa @Scylla?
  9. IsaacTheFossilMan

    2021 Secret Santa Spectacular!

    If it isn't, I have 3 names written out who are also suspects, in my opinion...
  10. val horn

    Ordovician echinoderm....?

    the 5 fold symmetry suggests that is what you have found, but this is way outside my comfort zone. hopefully more knowledgeable people will respond. any chance of making a pvs mold of your fossil. Maybe your dentist will help you with this. I would like to see what those indents next to it show for shape and texture. I am unfamilar with your collecting location. What has been recorded for that site?
  11. @-Andy- So I took a look at about 50 teeth and its just to difficult to conclusively differentiate the two by that method. The mesial carina of Nano teeth are generally lower but some are a bit higher and equivalent to T rex teeth. I have a 3" T-rex maxillary tooth similar to your Nano who's mesial carina extends to the base. If the Nano's would extend to the base it would be black and white otherwise its too subjective. I think you have to continue to look at the base shape and robustness of the tooth to make the call.
  12. val horn

    Big Brook Monmouth County New Jersey Fossil Identification

    i would like to see a close up of number 1, at first glance it may not be ironstone.
  13. screel0118

    Vertebrae of some sort

    Found this in Alabama mountains near Huntsville. Was in a washed out area of rock. A professor at Ohio State did confirm its bone and possibly a vertebrae. Any one have any insight as to what would have vertebrae this large?
  14. Today
  15. val horn

    Fossilized egg??

    the hatchling has to be able to hatch. your item has a very thick external "shell"; therefore a hatchling could not hatch, and therefore it is not an egg. it is a concretion which often form layer upon layer. there is a very good discussion of fossil eggs in one of the pinned discussion at the start of the id section. It is well worth reading and looking at the picture.
  16. IsaacTheFossilMan

    2021 Secret Santa Spectacular!

    @Captcrunch227, is this your doing?
  17. RuMert

    Ammonite quarry

    They are somehow used in cement and brick production
  18. IsaacTheFossilMan

    2021 Secret Santa Spectacular!

    Congrats on 1000 posts!
  19. screel0118

    Fossilized egg??

    Found this in Alabama mountains near Huntsville. Was in a washed out area of rock.
  20. Kasia

    The Polish Jurassic Upland

    If you make it here, I will gladly share a few more info
  21. RuMert

    Ammonite quarry

    And some typical Oxfordian finds, I've shown you before. This is definitely a place to visit more, of which I'll keep you informed. Thanks for reading!
  22. Found this in Alabama mountains near Huntsville. Was in a washed out area of rock. Found others too. Any ideas?
  23. Jurassicz

    Moroccan Mosasaurs names?

    Oh ok thanks! Btw i sent a pm. Hope my answer is okay and not to unspecific.
  24. drbush

    ??? large gastropods

    Hi friends, I went to Aruma formation area (Campanian-Maastrichrtian) to the Norht of Riyadh city and found this gasrtropod, it is large , 16cm long by 9cm what sp. Is it?
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