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  2. Strange Steinkern

    Here are some similar worm tubes in an Eocene steinkern from the Castle Hayne Formation.
  3. Penn Dixie Round 1

    Looks like it was a fun (and productive) weekend. Glad to see some old friends were in attendance and that brownies were available--it just wouldn't be a group hunt without brownies or cookies. Cheers. -Ken
  4. Don't Fossil Hunt Adjacent to Gun Ranges

    I disagree with just another day in the south. The majority of people and ranges here in the south are very responsiblle when it comes to weapons. Guns do kill, but it takes a human to make it happen.
  5. Help With Sharks Teeth?

    Since you are in the area, you really need to go to the Aurora Fossil Festival (this weekend). I'm sure a number of local TFF members will be in attendance. http://aurorafossilmuseum.org/post/41/Fossil_Festival.html I've been to the museum (which is great) and had fun helping a bunch of kids find shark teeth in the spoil piles across the street. Timing hasn't been right yet to make it to the festival but I'm crossing my fingers (which makes typing difficult ) and hoping that the stars will align for a trip to next year's festival. Cheers. -Ken
  6. Nice auriculatus from a local quarry

    Thanks everyone.
  7. 2019 aurora fossil festival

    Ralph. You really do need to come sometime.
  8. Penn Dixie Coming Up

    That blobby thing looks like a horn coral, so probably not. Still, it may be connected to something underneath those two. Nice finds!
  9. 2019 aurora fossil festival

    Looking forward too seeing you guys again.
  10. Help With Sharks Teeth?

    Not bad finds for beach teeth. Especially the Hemipristis, it's a beauty. Do you ever go up to North Topsail and hunt?
  11. Devonian cephalopod collection

    That is a very proud display of some truly exquisite specimens. Congratulations on your superb finds and wonderful prep. Thanks for sharing them.
  12. Corys Lane find...what is it?

    Thanks for inputs. That's three near-votes for cordiate leaf. Size: 3" long x 0.5" wide.
  13. New Amateur Member Needs Help

    Came from Coleto Creek in Goliad County Texas. In the coastal bend of Texas.
  14. Stained glass with ammonites.

    Thanks Regards Neil.
  15. @ynot After looking at your awesome micro post, I am going to have to do some more sorting and take some more pics. I saw a few things in your post that I recognize from my gravel, but did not recognize as fossils.
  16. Today
  17. Penn Dixie Round 1

    Thanks, that makes sense. All I could see was a blob!
  18. New Amateur Member Needs Help

    Coleto Creek in Goliad County Texas. In the coastal bend of Texas
  19. unknown Kemkem fossil

  20. 1930s collection

    You're right more often than not!
  21. Corys Lane find...what is it?

    What is the size of this item?
  22. Corys Lane find...what is it?

    There is a lot of material at the site that has the appearance of poorly preserved 'wood', for lack of a better term. After some consideration I'm thinking perhaps this is something like that.
  23. Penn Dixie Coming Up

    Until this morning, I hadn’t even noticed that it could be connected. I’m still not certain if it is or not.
  24. Penn Dixie Round 1

    That brachiopod in the lower right hand corner I believe is Chonetes hudsonica which are fairly uncommon there. That it is the best one I've seen. Congratulations on that and your Penn Dixie trilos. Nice score!
  25. Penn Dixie Coming Up

    Here are three more pictures:
  26. 1930s collection

    Your wrong very rarely and I am right very rarely. So in my opinion between us we have restored the natural balance of the universe.
  27. Corys Lane find...what is it?

    Do a google search for North Attleboro trilobites. There are numerous sites. I will try to find the info for you later.
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