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  2. Manticocerasman

    Help to identify.

    300 million years is close, I would say a little bit more, but since it isn't in situ It would be hard to tell the exact age. The rock from your fossil is red, this isn't the natural color of the stone, but it is the effect that you get when the rocks are combusted in a terill ( the scree heap that they extract from the coal mines) This paper gives more details on how it just works ( it is in French ) https://www.researchgate.net/publication/257985387_La_combustion_des_terrils So I suspect that there has been quite a few coal mines in that area.
  3. JustineArt

    Found at Achanarras Quarry

    Wondering if anyone can give me a clue as to what I've found at Achanarras Quarry in Caithness, Scotland? I'm pretty much a novice so any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. DinoFossilsUK

    Help with Loas tooth ID (Spinosaurid?)

    Oops! Sorry about that!
  5. digit

    Plant fossils I hope

    Yup. Looks like dendrites masquerading as leaves. Mother Nature can be a real trickster sometimes. Cheers. -Ken
  6. jdp

    Fossil “armpit”?

    Definitely placoderm. I think this is part of the thoracic shield, with the pectoral fin sitting within that embayment. That doesn't quite fit morphologically with Protitanichthys, but that may be a consequence of preservation.
  7. Today
  8. LSG Lab

    Velociraptor air scribe?

    Thank you. Ok for me, I don`t need a debris storm, just a clean work area. Thanks for the advice.
  9. will stevenson

    Isle of Wight 2022

    Round two of the micros I did these using my digital microscope as they are typically only a few mm. 1. Lonchidion spp. 2. Lonchidion spp. 3. any ideas? 4. Very large section of Coelodus spp. 5. Scheenstia spp. 6. insert 7. part of a spine or tooth needs prepping 8. either a scale or a dinosaur tooth? Thoughts anyone. 9. Unsure 10. Fish tooth 11. fish tooth, greensand 12. unsure 13. lonchidion 14. unsure
  10. Ludwigia

    Plant fossils I hope

    I'm convinced that the things in the first two photos in the first post are manganese dendrites.
  11. LordTrilobite

    Is this a spinosaurus claw?

    Fake. Made from random pieces of bone and sanded down to make it look like a claw. Garbage. Definitely avoid.
  12. Ludwigia


    Thanks for the pic. Are you sure that you found this at Brighton? The reason I ask is that the sediments on that stretch of coast are all from the Cretaceous (chalk) and younger and your find resembles more the shale mudstone from the Early Jurassic, which occurs much farther to the west.
  13. Guns

    Is this a spinosaurus claw?

    fake claw .
  14. No worries! It just goes to show how normal we are here
  15. Paul ward

    Help to identify.

    Thanks for the help, would that make it about 300 million years old? That's just mind blowing to me how well preserved it is even some of the little nodules are loose and can be pulled out showing the root.
  16. 김은향

    Please identify my tooth fossil

    A small theropod tooth fossil found in the Nanxiong Formation. What kind of dinosaur teeth are these teeth?
  17. @Sammajamma Here is a picture of what this has to potential to turn into with some really good prep. Good luck whatever you do RB
  18. Yep, these have been some of the tuffest preps I've ever done! Damage has already been done to this one and if trying to expose more, then more damage will happen. I'm not kidding when I said each and every piece should be saved so it can be repaired. That included not just lobster pieces but rock pieces also. This has the potential to be a high dollar fossil. Would be a shame to see it headed to the rock heap. RB
  19. Al Dente

    Possible ichthyosaur tooth partial?

    It looks like a mosasaur tooth. I can see the faceted surface. There is Cretaceous Peedee Formation exposed around the Myrtle Beach area. Beach nourishment is responsible for a lot of the Cretaceous material being found on the beach.
  20. Manticocerasman

    Help to identify.

    Stigmaria sp. Those are fossil roots from the lepidodendron tree ( Carboniferous )
  21. Paul ward

    Help to identify.

    Found this at my local river near Manchester in the UK close to a recent landslide, it looks like a tree bark or something to me and is a foot long. Any help to identify and date would be appreciated.
  22. Meatasaurus93

    Is this a spinosaurus claw?

    It looks like there are pieces of real bone in it, but it looks fabricated to me. A good portion of it looks like it has been carved to resemble a Spinosaurid hand claw. I would look for something more convincing.
  23. pachy-pleuro-whatnot-odon

    Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    Yeah, the vacuum-seal bag is made of a special material that won't easily let any moisture or oxygen through, even if on the long run it will - which is why there are oxygen and moisture scavangers packed into the bag. But, yeah, I also found it a pity that you can't really appreciate the specimen from within the bag. I've therefore since taken it out, which should not be a real problem, but will likely require me to ship the specimen off for repeat treatment sometime sooner rather than later. The bag, however, had not been my idea, but was made a present to me, to see how that would work out
  24. westcoast

    Another Carboniferous fish fragment?

    Shoulder girdle, interesting, thanks for the prompt reply,.
  25. AranHao


    I remeasured the denticle density (forgive my ruler), DC is 9/5 mm and MC is 8.5 (9)/5 mm . From this topic(Your discussion with Andy,its amazing !), may it be proved that is Daspletosaurus (D. horneri)?
  26. Ginger0412

    Is this a spinosaurus claw?

    Are these real Spinosaurus claws? The size is 19 cm. Found in Tegana, Kemkem. If anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks in advance!
  27. Rockwood

    Need IDs Please

    A fragment of a calyx I think.
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