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    Texas Aguja Formation Mystery Tooth...Mammal?

    Mesozoic mammals are fascinating. Drool worthy find whatever it may be
  3. Bjohn170

    The Return to the Peace

    Love all the teeth and osteoderms, great finds
  4. Fossildude19

    Gastropod ID Simi Valley CA

    @MikeR @Coco
  5. stats

    Sometimes You Have to Prep It

    Very nice! Do you have any before photos? Cheers, Rich
  6. Just look at my composite hand on page 3
  7. Today
  8. fossils-uk

    Texas Aguja Formation Mystery Tooth...Mammal?

    this is certainly some kind of primitive therian tooth. very interesting and the first i have seen from texas.
  9. Was back out at the Peace River yesterday for only my third visit this season. Water levels and flow are reasonable at this point, although pulling up a shovel of matrix in the middle of the river still has quite a bit washed off. This time I was on the water by 7:30 am and headed up stream to a spot I have hunted often in past years. I was curious as to what changes the hurricane might have caused. I was pleasantly surprised! Last year water flow in this area was significantly restricted because of debris and it had turned into a stagnant pool. It was frustrating because in prior years I
  10. hadrosauridae

    My Jurassic Park - Edmontosaurus annectens

    Nice finds. I would never have IDd the digits. Have to store this away in the back of my mind.
  11. Posting a picture would be helpful and make identification much easier Use 1 part salt to one part cold water. Some people recommend at least 7 teaspoons of salt to a small glass of water. Add your test stone to the water. Check that it floats. Add salt until it floats. Then add your amber. If it does not float, add more salt and chill the water. Some plastics won’t float. Others will.
  12. @Gretch78 Unfortunately, this trilobite specimen is not real... it seems to be a large Paradoxides trilobite from the Cambrian of Morocco most of which are often faked since they are high in demand. The demand is met by fakes that vary from those made with some real parts, to entire resin or plaster castings. In this case yours looks like a cast trilobite painted a yellowish ochre color that was made with resins in a mold. It is also a possibility that it was entirely cast out of resin or plaster, and the glabellar furrows were carved in a non-realistic manner. http://www.fossilmu
  13. Found this very lovely little tooth in my Aguja Formation matrix (Brewster Co. of Texas) and while the root makes me think mammal, I'm not sure what to make of it. @ThePhysicist I saw you posted a Metatheria which looks very very similar, so am wondering if it is the same critter?
  14. Have not done a good job posting finished items from my 2022 dig. Here are three juvenile hand bones
  15. Desrosiers1718

    Gastropod ID Simi Valley CA

    Found this Gastropod fossil in Simi Valley CA I know it’s Eocene. I was thinking Natica but not sure. Can anyone help ID.
  16. LordTrilobite

    Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    Got this rather nice lambeosaurine right maxilla in the mail today. It's from the Two Medicine formation, Montana. I did a little research and it seems to fit with Hypacrosaurus.
  17. digit

    Holden Beach rock or fossil

    Looks a lot like a phosphate cobble to me. Not seeing any distinctive bone texture. We see lots of similar phosphate pieces in the phosphate regions of Florida. Cheers. -Ken
  18. digit


    Archosargus for sure. https://www.google.com/search?q=Archosargus+teeth&tbm=isch Cheers. -Ken
  19. @Gretch78 Moved to IS IT REAL.
  20. PR0GRAM

    Precambrian creature (Eoandromeda?)

    Too late, but if you did happen to snag that it is definitely a partial Eoandromeda Octobrachiata. The carbonaceous style of preservation also would imply it’s from the Doushantuo formation.
  21. SawTooth

    Shark teeth and turtle shell for ID

    Sorry, I forgot about the pictures, but here are some better ones.
  22. SawTooth


    turns out I forgot that I could zoom in photos, these look much better though
  23. Some nice colors on those roots (and some of the crowns). A lot of those teeth look like they very recently came out of the clay in order to maintain colors like that and not turn black. Cheers. -Ken
  24. johnnyvaldez7.jv

    SE Texas - small bone

    It's also interesting that it appears to have an impact fracture....a center contact point and these lines that look like they go outward.
  25. DamnYankee68

    Holden Beach rock or fossil

    Found on shoulder beach NC. Rock or fossil?
  26. johnnyvaldez7.jv

    SE Texas - small bone

    Found this today thanks to a little rain exposure on a river gravel bank. It's completely mineralized....rock solid. I hadn't seen this before...at least I've never found one. I can't tell what it is tho. I thought perhaps a medial phalanx...but it doesn't seem right. It has some oddness to it like perhaps a deformity...small bump on one side? Or it's the right shape and just highly eroded and smoothed out. Can anyone tell me what it is and perhaps what it belonged to? Pleistocene deposit area with most mammal type possibilities. Included a photo with measurements...then hand held it to get a
  27. Can anyone help me assess if this Trilobite fossil is true or fake? I bought it in an estate auction from a home in Hollywood with lots of significant art. I am looking very closely and see no bubbles, or other indicators that this is fake.
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