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What is this wee tiny little thing? Measures just under 2 cm. Was found in a late Cretaceous stratum, in a transition area between the Pecan Gap Chalk and Austin Chalk of South Central Texas, USA. I'm leaning toward a fossilized echinoid of some sort. Maybe a fibularia specimen? Thanks for any help.


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I don't see pentameral symmetry anywhere, so you can probably rule out echinoid.

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26B2365E-C2A3-4793-8E5B-68584EA0756E.png.746d948d15a718f5153ab32b60a87ff9.png 8FC20729-9038-47AC-82BA-A7FECC35384D.png.659f2af2a4de08ccc258f7609cf5efeb.png
“The worse the country, the more tortured it is by water and wind, the more broken and carved, the more it attracts fossil hunters, who depend on the planet to open itself to us. We can only scratch away at what natural forces have brought to the surface.”
- Jack Horner

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8 minutes ago, val horn said:

Scleractinian coral


Yep, that's gotta be it. Thank you!

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