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Tony G.

Larvae from Parachute Creek Member of the Green River Formation.  Douglas Pass, Colorado.

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Green River Formation. Parachute Creek Member. Douglas Pass, Colorado

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I have seen a similar one in a book on the Green River Formation labeled as Bot Fly larvae.

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If you look at this under a microscope, there looks to be small hairs on it.

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What book did you see the reference to Bot Fly larvae? I have found plates with several individuals on it. It looks as though they fell into the lake at the same time so I wonder what they were feeding on. No leaves nearby but I wonder if they swarmed similar to modern tent catepillars.

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Reference to Bot Fly Larvae:


The Geological Survey of Wyoming

Gary B. Glass, State Geologist

Bulletin 63

Paleontology of the Green River Formation, 

With a Review of the Fish Fauna

Second Edition

by Lance Grande




P. 253 Figure IV.34.

Lithophypoderma sp., (BMNH In.64617), bot fly larvae (family Oestridae) from

Eocene Lake Unita sediments of the Parachute Creek Member.



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