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mystery fish maxillary Fragment? Solved, oyster Isognomon

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Hello together,

I am tidying up a bit and came across this piece between the flower pots on my windowsill.

I can not remember buying it, and I can not remember finding it. As I do not often find vertebrate fossils (as this appears to me to be) I would remember finding it.

So maybe it was a bonus add on to something I bought, or my fiancé found it without being impressed much, in which case it would be from the coast of Normandy or Bretagne.

Could also have been from a box of Chilean whale vertebrae, I also found a penguin humerus among those.

My first guess is some kind of fish maxilla, any ideas? Scale is metric.






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It reminds me of the hinge from an Isognomon oyster.




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Thanks Al Dente,

thats spot on. I just looked up some more pictures and it does fit. Especially the little crescent shapes  as visible in the lower right b&w picture.

Well, not a vertebrate, but something as good. a surprise. I would never have guessed it.

Just found out there is a species called Isognomon maxillata, so I may feel excused for taking it for a maxilla.

Best regards,


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