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Rappahannock creek and beach

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Worked hard at the "new spot" chasing cow shark laterals.  Found several, sadly mostly damaged, no definitive "answers".  Need to keep looking! Mostly sand tiger teeth (our most common), one heavier, no boss, possibly mako.  Some drum "teeth", some little (no clue), and some gray shark teeth (not all shown).


The cow shark lower lateral teeth at this spot often show no serrations on the first spike (unlike what I am used to) but rather either discreet minor points, or a serrated edge separate (or almost separate) from the first, main point/ spike.  There is a broken first spike (4th from left) that seems to have separate serrations, three teeth that have screwed up(?) first point serrations, a normal serrated tooth (on left) and a colorful broken cow shark piece.  



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