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Malibu Creek Canyon Narrows - Oyster Bed and Shell Fossils - Southern California


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Some examples of fossils found in the cliffs and boulders of Malibu Creek Canyon Narrows.  Oyster Bed and Moon Snail and Turritella Shell Fossils.  


The species guess for the Oysters based on research is Ostrea (Pycnodonte) Howelli, but I am not sure.  Probably Eocene period fossils.  Maybe Miocene.


Nice area of Malibu creek in the Santa Monica Mountains but difficult to access.

Malibu Creek Narrows 2.jpeg

Malibu Creek Narrows Gastropod 2.jpeg

Malibu Creek Narrows Gastropod.jpeg

Malibu Creek Narrows Ostrea 2.jpeg

Malibu Creek Narrows Ostrea 3.jpeg

Malibu Creek Narrows Ostrea 4.jpeg

Malibu Creek Narrows Ostrea.jpeg

Malibu Creek Narrows.jpeg

Malibu Creek Narrows Turritella 2.jpg

Malibu Creek Narrows Turritella.jpg

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