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Any Fossil Sites In Howard County, Md?

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I'm a newbie fossil hunter and I live in Jessup along rt. 1

I've seen some discussions about questionable sites but none specify the exact area to look.

In the woods out back there is a stream called Dorsey Run with TONS of pebbles and such in it and the stream runs along rt 1 and does cross under rt.1 near Assateague rd.

I'm not sure much of the geology of the area but I've read there are dinosaur fossils in the Jessup/Laurel area. I've been back there to glance to see if I can find anything but nothing turns up at first glance. When it gets warmer maybe I'll search more extensively in that stream.

I've also read there are shark teeth in Laurel's Prince George's County area but still cant find details on the location.

Does anyone in the area know of any fruitful sites to check?

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There is Cretaceous sedimentary rock in the eastern end of Howard Co., where dinosaur tracks have been found.


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