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ID Help with Douglas Point Finds


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I just took a trip to Douglas Point, MD (Paleocene, Aquia Formation). I found two great Otodus teethwhich is a first for me in several trips, actually (you can see them in the first image along with some other shark teeth). There are a few other items I found that I could use some help with ID on.


For #1, I know it's a crocodile tooth, but what genus/species would it be from this formation?

#2 I'm thinking might be turtle shell or plastron?

#3 I believe would be reptile bone. Is it possible to be more specific what bone it is based on its shape?

#4 Could this also be some piece of turtle shell?

#5 I can see enamel in two areas on this piece. I can't tell if this is just a very deteriorated shark tooth or another fossil entirely.

#6 I'm not certain if this fossil or concretion. If a fossil, it looks close to resembling part of an osteoderm?


Thanks for any help on these and happy hunting.



Douglas Fossils.jpg

Douglas Croc Tooth 2.jpg

Douglas Croc Tooth 3.jpg

Douglas Croc Tooth 4.jpg

Douglas Croc Tooth.jpg

Douglas Turtle Fossil.jpg

Douglas Turtle Fossil 2.jpg

Douglas Turtle Fossil 3.jpg

Douglas Bone .jpg

Douglas Bone 2.jpg

Douglas Bone 3.jpg

Douglas Bone 4.jpg

Douglas Thin Fossil 2.jpg

Douglas Thin Fossil.jpg

Douglas Tooth 2.jpg

Douglas Tooth.jpg

Douglas Fossil Shell Piece 2.jpg

Douglas Fossil Shell Piece 3.jpg

Douglas Fossil Shell Piece 4.jpg

Douglas Fossil Shell Piece.jpg

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2 is a partial stingray mouth plate with several fused but broken teeth. 3 looks like a piece of turtle.

4 looks like a mouth plate from the fish Paralbula.

5 is a fragment of an Otodus with one cusplet and a small piece of the crown.


Try brightening your pictures before uploading them. It will help in getting them identified.

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Thanks! I considered ray plate but it didn't have any of the characteristic ridges. 

Can anyone confirm if the croc tooth is likely to be Eosuchus minor?

Any thoughts on 6?

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