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Curiosity intrigued the cat

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Hello, I hope today finds you digging. I am a very curious cat, in our garden area, there is a wide variety of rock types. Some are beautiful river rock, we also have an abundance of seashells. Being the amature/hobbiest that I am, I am always trying to learn and look for reasons to be digging in particular areas. The area that I am in now is clay, loads and levels and layers of clay, uugghhhh. Now with that I believe I have found a couple of fossils, oncolites and a type of sponge. The pics are on here. I am wondering, in this crazy clay what do I need to look for? I find flint, quartz crystalization, obsidion, etc.  Any ideas, maybe 15 feet? Thank you ahead of time. I want a trillobite lol!



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Hello Flynn,

Have you had a look at THIS WEBSITE

You won't find trilobites in clay - you need to visit shale outcroppings in your area - roadcuts, stream/river banks , construction sites - basically anywhere an outcropping of shale can be exposed.

Hope that helps. 


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We do have a variety of types of soil, its sandy near the south end of the property and silty below the garden where there was a decent size river at some point. I have found pieces of what look like bone in the garden where there is an odd mix of conglomerate and chert. I know im not waisting my time here, Just have to find the know how. Thank you so much Tim!


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