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Wing fossil ?


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Hi I'm Char. I've just joined the forum and have always been interested in paleontology since young, but have a new found interest in it since having children. 


Ive got a finding I'd like to show/discuss with you. Hope you can help. 


We recently found this while in the Isle of Wight, at Brighstone Bay. 

Looks like it's an insect wing (1.5cm) embedded in mud? Would be interested to hear your ideas. Thanks. 


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We need a clearer picture, but I can't see a regular enough pattern to call it wing venation. It might be mud cracks or a leaf imprint, there is a bed of Wealdon age plant debris at Brightstone Bay.

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Hope these are easier to see. 



Not a lot of striations so you're prob right, it might be a leaf. 

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Looks somewhat like a leaf. Definitely not insect wing.

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