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Potomac Miocene 11/25/17

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Beautiful day on the river today, warm temperatures and a good low tide! I took my family out today and let them have at it, all I did was walk along with them and try to point out teeth to my youngest step-daughter who was with us for this Thanksgiving weekend...and they did quite well! My wife found a nice Meg that she took delight in ribbing me over since we had already walked past where she found it. We even ran into @SailingAlongToo today as he was out on the river in his boat, that boat certainly gets a workout every weekend!


Their total haul



My step-daughter's haul




Another step-daughter's haul




My wife's finds




Better picture of the Meg




The Meg again...she was ecstatic to find this on her own




Croc tooth found by my step-daughter, her first out of the Miocene.




My step-daughter with her prized find, I didn't point this out to her, she found it all on her own. She has plans of putting this in a case and hanging it in her room.



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nice haul

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It was good to see you guys out on such a beautiful day. Who would have thought it was Thanksgiving weekend with temps around 60F. Looks like your group scored pretty well on the walk.


To be honest, we didn't have the boat out on the river this Saturday to do any fossil hunting. We were there to help @MarcoSr and his boys with their on going "project" and the wind/wave forecast got better as the week progressed, so we were able to use the boat. I will make a separate post with some photos from that endeavor later today.



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Great finds by everyone. Glad you enjoyed yourselves on such a nice day.

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Nice finds...awesome big pecten...I dont know why those dang things get me going...LOL.


Regards, Chris 

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