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I should preface this post by saying that the Paleozoic, marine ecosystems, and invertebrates are not generally my primary expertise, so I apologize if I am wildly off base or asking stupid questions.  Sadly, I did not find these specimens myself, and so I do not have any particularly useful information on age or location.  They were left in a desk drawer along with a collection of other invertebrate fossils, most (if not all) of which are Paleozoic in age.  I have several different rugose coral species, and I would love to know if anyone can refine that identification further.  I thought the colonial rugose coral might be an Eridophyllum species, but I would not bet much on my identification.  The third is truthfully in terrible condition and I doubt there is much to say about it, but I thought I would see.  Here are the pictures.  Thank you in advance for your time and input.


Specimen #1: 







Specimen #2:








Specimen #3:











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