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Deltadromeus agilis tooth

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Hello. I just recently acquired this tooth that is labeled as "Deltadromeus agilis." I've been doing some research on Deltadromeus and what I've determined is it's a very unknown dinosaur. The seller labeled it as a raptor tooth, but so far I've found deltadromeus to be considered a tyrannosaur, ceratosaur, coelosaur, or abelisaur. Which one of these is the most accurate ID of Deltadromeus? Any help would be great! :) 



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Deltadromeus agilis is an Noasaurid. There are no skull known, so it's impossible to say if this is a Deltadromeus tooth until Further research is done.  Nice tooth, should be labeled Abelisaurid indet.

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Your tooth is a classic Abelsaurid.  Deltadromeus is currently considered a Noasaurid in the Supergroup of Abelisauroidea. Like gigantoraptor indicated the morphology of the teeth are unknown

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Last I checked Deltadromeus was classified as a Neovenatorid based on new material from South America. As far as I know it was labeled Noasaurid before that. But there are also some vertebrae from the Kem Kem beds that point to Noasaurids also possibly being present.

But like the others have said. No skull has been found and thus no teeth can be assigned to it at all.


This is an Abelisaurid tooth.


For reference here is a 3D scan of an Abelisaurid tooth from my collection. The teeth are quite typical in the very straight to very slightly concave back edge. Depending on the position the teeth might be sometimes a little more slender.

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