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My Favorite Paleontology Resources

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DPS Ammonite

The page is a guide to my favorite paleontology resources from TFF, the internet and my collections. This is a work in progress.


Consider setting up your own official Paleontology Guide. I will show you how. See my Arizona Paleontology Guide link and my Paleontology Guide master list. link



Arizona Paleontology Guide link  The only guide to Arizona paleontology that you will need.


Geology time scales
International Chronostratigrapic Chart link The best international chart used as a guide in TFF Collections section.






Fossil Collecting Rules & Regulations




US Forest Service
36 CFR § 291 Link

Paleontology pamphlet link

Petrified wood 36 CFR § 228.62 link


Guidance for Paleontological Resources Preservation Act (PRPA) of 2009 link


Fossils, rocks & minerals link  

Arizona: fossils, petrified wood, rocks & minerals Link link

Proposal 81 FR 88173 link

Petrified wood in 43 CFR § 3620 link

Petrified wood in 43 CFR § 3622.1 link


State of Arizona owned land

No collecting except by permitted paleontologists. Here is permit to access State for recreational use only, no collecting. Link


Utah State owned land 

Info link

Permit link


Utah Federal Land

Utah Geological Survey link


Rock Collecting 


US Forest Service

(2014) Rocks, minerals & fossils link

 SW Region rocks & minerals link 
Rocks, minerals & fossils Link

Prospecting Link



Arizona: rocks, minerals, fossils & petrified wood Link


State of Arizona owned land

No collecting except by permit.


Maps of land owners including the US Forest Service, BLM and the State of Arizona

BLM Link

State of Arizona Trust Lands Link

Topo Quads for USFS Lands link



Topo and Satellite Maps


Caltopo link


Mountainproject AZ map link





Stratigraphic guide link I use this as my best source for biostratigraphic and lithostratigraphic information and is used as guidelines for the Collections section on TFF


North American Stratigraphic Code link


German stratigraphy link



Paleobiology Database link

Fossilworks link

Mindat (enter taxon name into search field) link

ICZN Code link

ICZN Code synopsis and commentary link


Tools & supplies

Favorites link


How to hammer by Kane link


Poetry My favorite self created paleontology poem. link



Geology Definition/guides 

USGS Nomenclature and Description Guide 8th Ed. Draft 2018



USGS Divisions of Geologic Time Guide link


GSA Geologic Time Scale link


USGS National Geologic Map Database  link  Search for geologic units by state and age.


State Geological Surveys link






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