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Closer look at Horse teeth

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I have been working with Shellseeker in PM's on identifying several horse teeth found in the Peace River this spring.  His input has been extremely helpful and we have narrowed down almost all.  The two shown here raised the question as to whether they are Equus or Nannippus based on size (length/crown).  I am posting them here hoping for additional input on classification.  They are numbered 3 & 4 as they are part of a series we were evaluating.  Any input would be greatly appreciated. The red/pink ruler is inches.  The blue is metric and provided to give a close up of the crown of each. 










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Those are an interesting couple of teeth...I'm curious and have no real expertise so I'm gonna bump this again and see if it gets any 2nd looks....

Cant remember who else besides Jack who was messing with single horse teeth recently...

@Harry Pristis, @fossillarry


I enjoyed looking even without any specific ID...great photos

Regards, Chris 

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Thanks Chris.

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