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I have a few pictures here of some shards of bone, horn, and or antler. Is there a way to tell the difference between them?

The first two photos I believe to be horn, bison.


Number three and four I also believe to be horn because of the wood grain pattern, but because it is a small fragment 1 1/2” I suppose it could be bone?


photos 5&6 look to me like a rib bone, has a woody grain to it but is very solid, thick. However, I feel this could be horn or bone. How to tell the difference?


The final two photos to me just looks like a shard of river polished bone, not horn. The wood grain is much less prominent than the others.









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Where were these found?

Also for future "what are these", it would be asked to include a scaled ruler next to the item to assist viewers on the size of what they are looking at. 

It makes IDing much easier the more information you can provide for the items the better.

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Moved to Fossil ID.     ;) 

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