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  2. Just a couple of late arrivals due to weather and customs delays. I should imagine all should be at their destinations by first of next week. ( crossing my toes here too! ) This is why the sooner these packages get sent the better.
  3. Isle of Sheppey phosphate crab nodule prep

    I have done OK with air abrasive under the microscope. But I am not a UK guy, so I don't know if this counts. : )
  4. Trip to Big Brook

    First pic: upper left and lower right are Scapanorhynchus, upper right is Cretalamna, lower left is Carcharias samhammeri Second: top two teeth= sand tigers, bottom two teeth likely not IDable Third: two Ischyrhiza mira rostrals
  5. If you ever visit Missouri, consider the Burlington Formation. Many counties prevail, Pike is one of the best but in Henry I have found many that are steinkerns vs silicified. The amount of crinoids is amazing, but there are spots where I've found many perfect Globoblastus melo blastoids on the surface. -JG
  6. Dromaeosaurus albertensis?

    Hey everyone this next tooth in my collection was sold to me as Dromaeosaurus Albertensis from the judith river formation in Hill co Mt. Its size is 5/8"....CH is 16 mm, the anterior serrations are 9 per 2 mm and the posterior serrations are 8 per 2 mm.....again sorry for the finger placement in some of the pics...in trying to get the best shots i can for you all. @Troodon
  7. Trip to Big Brook

    Top pic: upper right is Scapanorhynchus and lower right is likely not IDable, the rest are Cretalamna Bottom: All Squalicorax “kaupi”
  8. Trip to Big Brook

    Hi nice haul. First pic: heavily ironized imprint of a bivalve Second: ghost shrimp claw Mesostylus mortoni and 2 belemnite phragmacones Third: Enchodus, need more pics of second item, sawfish rostral
  9. So I was wondering which site to visit tomorrow as I am visiting Texas currently, and I think your post made up my mind. The Waco pit and mammoth museum will see me tomorrow forsure! I love the heteromorph shell, it is amazing looking!
  10. Is this just a rock?

  11. Is this just a rock?

    Sorry. I don’t see any pictures yet
  12. Couldn't give you an ID, but I have a similar specimen from the Bearpaw formation, might be the same critter (no profile shot but it looks essentially the same anyway):
  13. Is this just a rock?

    This has been on our bathroom window ledge for some time now. Iam curious to know if this is just a rock or something else. This piece has some odd characteristics such as; linear ridges, pores, indent around one edge that looks like something could have been attached, and a think dark center. I read if you lick a fossil It will slightly stick which it did. We live in North Dakota north of the Missouri river. I like searching for odd or unique rocks along the shore. I can't recall exactly were it was found but can say either from the lake or my yard which is a new development on farm land. I am not a master photographer but hope the images do it justice. Thanks for viewing.
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  15. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    As much as I love tiny shark teeth it is nice to post something a bit bigger and more dinosaurian in nature This took awhile to arrive but we have a really nice Timurlengia tooth from the Bissekty Formation, Uzbekistan. It is 1.34” and has fantastic serrations. Pretty little tooth and a fun species to introduce kids too !
  16. Bone or rock in NJ Cretaceous stream?

    Siderite does occur in the brooks, originally eroding from formation. The piece of iron above seems like it came from the “modern” sediments and not from the Wenonah or Navesink.
  17. North Texas Find

    Here's two photos of the creekbed, not sure if these would help!
  18. North Texas Find

    Howdy! I live in North Texas (Denton County) by a really interesting area geologically and I found this thing while cleaning trash out of the creekbed today. I'm not sure if it's even a fossil but it's been one of the coolest things I've found (usually I only find Gryphaea and old pottery). Birding is usually my thing so I figured I might as well ask some people who know better! Let me know if y'all need better photos. Thanks in advance for the help!
  19. Shark tooth id

    Hello all, today I went to a popular fossil park in Ladonia, TX. I found some awesome gastropods, bacculites, and some other cool shells. The find of the day ended up being another tooth. I really like how this one looks. I think it is maybe a goblin shark tooth, but i am a total noob with fossils in this area and would appreciate any input from you awesome fossil forum members. I also found a little black hoof shaped thing. I wasn't sure if this was anything worth keeping but I pocketed it to be safe.
  20. Great trip report, thanks JL. I'm with Adam. I too love the bryzos. And I love that you love the bivalve. Texas Cretaceous has such a large variety of bivalves; and they often do not get their due for some reason.
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