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  2. Today’s Find - Human Tooth?

    Oh cool, thanks!
  3. Today’s Find - Human Tooth?

    Could be a tooth from a Sheepshead or Pacu fish. They look like human teeth. They can be found along the Atlantic coastal area in North & South America.
  4. Proetid

    Is the red circled area part of an eye?
  5. Today’s Find - Human Tooth?

    So I found this (left) today on the beach. I’m kind of disgusted because it sure looks like a human tooth to me lol...but I wanted to make sure before I throw this thing out. the one on the right I also found today...and I put it in the picture just to feel a little less gross about todays adventure in the event that the one on the left is, in fact, a human tooth. Lol. Thanks in advance!
  6. Pit spoil

    Great finds, congrats.
  7. Washington DC- where to Hunt?

    Yeah, as an alexandria resident I can tell you that there aren't any spots I know of close to DC and you'll either have to go further into VA or MD.
  8. Devonian cephalopod collection

    Thx Thx thank you , where did you pick up the dutch? Thx Hervé Thx Jeffrey Thx Thx

    There are a lot of volcanic rock in Washington. This does have some resemblance to a thunderegg. Can You be a little more specific on the location?
  10. Big Jaw Bone with Teeth

    looks bovine to me
  11. Big Jaw Bone with Teeth

    This large jaw bone was found in the Peace River (Florida). I don't think it's fossilized, but it doesn't exactly look very-recent either. Surely Holocene I think, although I guess it could be older? Is it horse? Cow? Something else? Any help is appreciated. Thanks! (The brass scale cube measures 1cm square)
  12. Pit spoil

    Very nice! Don
  13. Pit spoil

    Very nice. Tis always good to see decent plant fossils, we don't see enough of 'em, in my opinion.
  14. Mysterious vert

  15. Mysterious vert

    Hi all, This is a vert from my old days collection, that always intrigued me. You guess by my my topic that almost all of the finds in the region are from Kimmeridge-Hauterivian marine life, but the vert doesnt look like standard plesiosaur|ichthyosaur. There's a possibility it comes from pleistocene (there's a paleovalley nearby), but its weight and composition look jurassic. Something interesting or yet another plesiosaur vert? Sorry for polish, it was applied long ago.
  16. Pit spoil

    Went looking on a old pit spoil that is slowly giving up it's nodules,the site is in the British coal measures of Derbyshire as with Mazon Creek it is well overgrown but the nodules here are not easy to find ....Yet! These are 2 nodules from the spoil that i'm sure will one day give up it's treasures. Asterophyllites sp Lycopsids Cheers John
  17. Preparation carboniferous shark teeth

    Thank you. The matrix was very variable but was fun to do
  18. Our awesome community

    I hope you have a swift and non-complicated recovery!
  19. Washington DC- where to Hunt?

    Might be worth renting one for a weekend to extend your range. Brownie's Beach (=Bayside Park) in Chesapeake Beach is only an hour or so drive away, but a very long walk. Excellent site for Miocene shark and ray teeth, and shells if there is a fresh cliff fall. Purse is a bit farther but a beautiful walk on the beach, with Paleocene shark and ray teeth as a nice bonus. Don
  20. Today
  21. Heavy nondescript fossil from Oakville, Canada

    A couple more photos from different angles would still be useful to confirm or refute my first impression. Don
  22. ALL THE ECHINOIDS (of Texas anyways)

    yep, that and lots of research and looking at what others have found (and where, if i can find out) have helped me pinpoint better places to search.
  23. Preparation carboniferous shark teeth

    Both of those teeth turned out great! They look especially nice in the sun. That matrix looks like a pleasure to work with, not too hard.
  24. May 2019 - Finds of the Month Entries

    Trilobyte= the amount of information the first computers could handle.
  25. Penn Dixie Coming Up

    That. Is. Awesome!!! World class Malcolm.
  26. Yet Another Phytosaur Prep

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