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  2. Glad it came in, and looks as nice as it does! Good deal.
  3. Frozen Fossils

    Hello, everybody, Today I will present you an unusual way of fossil hunting popular in Moscow - digging ammonites from under the snow! You'd expect that, wouldn't you Well, it doesnt always involve snow (but often does), especially this year when we don't have it yet, but the site I will be talking about is available only in winter. The Moskva river level is intentionally dropped for "winter navigation" which typically happens at the end of November. Places located underwater become available which is also the case for Markovo foreshore situated some 40km south-east of Moscow. The site if famous for Oxfordian ammonites of great preservation quality. Descent to the river. The water level was hiigh enough to reach the pier.
  4. Fossil flower?

    It’s just a rock sorry it’s happened to me a couple times, rocks are very tricky sometimes they make you see what you want to see not what they actually are.
  5. Invertebrates

    My main interest is fossil fish, but here in this album, you will only find invertebrates: Fossils from Solnhofen, Messel, Holzmaden, Liaoning, Bundenbach, Green River, Linton, Mazon Creek, Monte Bolca, Fiume Marecchia... Have fun!
  6. Peace River Visit

    Wetsuits can be bought at a reasonable discount price. Most wetsuits at dive shops are overinflated (the price, not the wetsuit) but that is the nature of specialty shops like dive shops. The real difference between more expensive suits and the cheaper ones tends to be in the fit and how stretchy the neoprene is. In the old days, you got warm just struggling to get into (or out of) your wetsuit. Before neoprene they were just made of rubber and it was like slipping inside of an innertube. Back in the day divers would use copious amounts of baby powder to "lube up" before squeezing into their wetsuits. Big he-man macho type divers were known to don women's pantyhose in order to more easily don/doff their exposure suits. These days advances in fabric science are allowing manufacturers to come up with much more stretchy wetsuits that are a pleasure to get in and out of. If the fit is relatively good and you are only using the wetsuit once per day then an inexpensive suit is probably optimal. If you are doing 5 dives a day, a stretchy and warm wetsuit is worth the extra costs. I'm tall with long limbs so finding any wetsuit where the arms and legs don't stop 3 inches before mine do tends to be a real pain. When I do find one cut correctly for me, I don't care the cost. Cheers. -Ken
  7. Strange little Eocene tooth

    Mason I don’t know if this helps, but below are three Parotodus sp. teeth (24 mm, 25 mm and 20 mm) from the Eocene Ypresian from the C1 Couche of Khouribga Morocco to compare your tooth to. Truthfully I don’t know what specific tooth features of these teeth support a Parotodus ID (cusplet size/shape ?). However I received them from Pierre Zennaro (a true shark tooth collector/researcher legend from the Moroccan phosphate mines) so I have confidence in his ID. I haven’t seen an Eocene Parotodus before from MD/VA or anywhere else in the US so I can’t post any pictures from the US. I would recommend reaching out to Dr. David Ward for ID help for your tooth. Marco Sr.
  8. Petalodous Teeth

    I took photos of the third tooth.It was a bit more complete than I remember it being.
  9. A Good Day to Hunt in the Rain

    Thanks for the great trip report! Makes me homesick for the roadcuts up in Northern Kentucky. Those corals growing on shell are super interesting, BTW.
  10. Fossil ID

    Yes the holes are smooth but the rest is kind of bumpy, but most of it’s smooth just a few little bumps but that’s it.
  11. Fossil ID

  12. Dakotaraptor steini ?

    Frank Thank you for the information in your reply. Several shark tooth researchers have published papers that depicted different shark tooth measurement ratios to try to id isolated shark teeth to a genus/species. However because of the variation of shark tooth features in an individual jaw and within a species and the overlap of tooth features among other different species these measurements/ratios only have very limited usefulness and haven't gained universal acceptance among shark researchers. However, published extant shark jaws/dentitions and published fossil shark natural, associated, and artifical dentitions really do help tremendously with isolated shark tooth identification. Marco Sr.
  13. Dakotaraptor steini ?

    So i guess my question is then are we counting the serrations in between mm lines or is it from mm line to mm line?
  14. Dakotaraptor steini ?

    Big difference on the anterior ones and critical
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  16. Congrats Greg. Beautiful and unique specimen.
  17. Very nice indeed. Great acquisition.
  18. Fossil ID

    No, I didn't mean to suggest that. Indeed I meant the opposite. Don
  19. Tooth?

    Don't you just hate stumbling on fossils? In fact, giant gorgeous teeth getting in your way is just a terrible pain in the tookus. I'd be happy to help with that problem, though. Feel free to send that bothersome beauty to me and I'll make sure it never gets in your way again....
  20. Well that turned out as good as I could have hoped for. It's certainly nicer than my specimen. Don
  21. Bone or rock in NJ Cretaceous stream?

    Sort of a cold metamorphosis in oxidation states involving dissolution and precipitation is how I envision it forming.
  22. Fossil ID

    @FossilDAWG Thanks!!, So its from a Placoderm?
  23. Fossil ID

    That is a pretty amazing specimen! Don
  24. Just an update, now that the fossil has been in my home for a little while. I'm very happy with it, and it displays very nicely. I wanted to show you what it looks like in natural light, as opposed to the seller's photo in artificial light. You'll notice that I did work on getting the "mud" (whatever the preparer used) out of its eye socket, which was a scary proposition for me to try, but it looks better than a glop of mud in its eye (I think so, anyway). I'm very pleased with this fossil, and thank you again for your opinions leading up to my purchasing it. The perspective is just slightly different, as it displays more upright than in the seller's photo, where it was laid flat on a table.
  25. Echinoids

    Various Echinoids from my collection
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