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Fossil Fragment or Wishful Thinking?


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Found this piece while walking on a newly excavated (6-8 inches deep) plains path about 30 miles southeast of Boulder, Colorado.  I'm new to the area and trying to ramp-up on the geology and fossils with limited background knowledge but much time being retired.  Overwhelming and fascinating!  Several hikes to Dinosaur Ridge and Dr. Bakker's museum in Morrison.  To my untrained eye it looks like a rib or similar flat bone piece.  The dark interior color and texture seem somewhat "different" (?).

Bone Fragment Cross Section 7_16thk.jpg

Bone Fragment Cross Section Isometric.jpg

Bone Fragment Exterior Length.jpg

Bone Fragment Exterior Width.jpg

Bone Fragment Interior Length.jpg

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Sorry, but I don't see any fossils here.  :( 

Keep looking, though.  :) 

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2 minutes ago, howard_l said:

looks like quartzite

I think it is a limey concretion form the Pierre Shale.  There is a bunch of Pierre Shale around Boulder and some of these might have fossils in them.  But they would be more like shells in this type of rock, rather than a big solo fossils.

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