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Had a big rain and a major windstorm (lost power a couple of hours), even though the wind was from the south (and I much prefer winter north winds for my beach) had to check.  A bit disappointing, tooth-wise although I did find a mako and a big shrimp coprolite burrow, and five small teeth (and some old pottery shards).

Tried the creek at an old spot, where I hadn't had much recent luck, but the rain had deposited teeth in one spot and weakened the bank in another where I dug around and found some teeth but mostly bone bits and a few interesting steinkerns (with some glossy surfaces, one an obvious snail shell, another with shrimp coprolites.)  Found one ALMOST complete cowshark tooth, four angel shark teeth and a bunch of drum 'teeth' and several sandshark teeth, plus four verts and a lot of skate teeth, most broken.  Better than usual hunting.  First scan is of the bigger stuff (not counting bones or shells, who asked that I pick up some for her kids):  the cow shark, mako, a lemon(?) and tiger shark, plus a weird concretion, a Tilly bone and two vertebra, the top one with an odd loop.  For the mantis shrimp coprolites, notice they tend to be thicker in the burrow than in the steinkern below. 



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Nice cow! The mako appears to have “lightning strike” patterns on it.

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I took a separate scan of the small stuff, with angel teeth standing on their triangular bases, then a second scan after knocking them over.




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Looks like you got it up there twice. Sometimes, a refresh of your browser will get the stuck upload fixed.  ;) 

Great finds, as usual, dude. 


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