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What do these teeth fragments belong too? ( Missouri )


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Location is in Missouri

The area is dated to the Pennsylvanian 

most likely Raytown, Wyandotte Limestone


I have found a few Prehistoric fish teeth in the area such as Orodus, Acrodus, Petalodus and some of their fragments. I believe the right sided one could be a Petalodus but I was not sure since I have not found a black tooth in the area besides this fragment. As for the left, I have no idea but I did note it had beautiful dimples along its surface. While they may be broken I hope that they can provide enough detail for identification! 





20200720_162945.jpg.0e12b1319143737d04d418e498646df7.jpg20200720_163015.jpg.cb88b504b2d912474acbeaeccbf94350.jpg front side

5f161159eb74a_20200720_164701(1).jpg.b52cfc99e8d03c1325bdbd742c873c36.jpg20200720_164809.jpg.b26e505e85769b38d347505ac7e8072a.jpg backside, left image has my camera flash on




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The first does look like a Petalodus crown fragment. The second is a fragment of a cochliodont tooth plate. Maybe Deltodus but these are tough (at least for me) to assign to specific taxa, especially when incomplete.

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