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Hello does this looks good or bad.

I know these are not rare but good quality is pretty hard to find.

So i hope this is real deal 


IMG_20210130_135659_copy_900x2000.jpg  IMG_20210130_135702_copy_900x2000.jpg IMG_20210130_135655_copy_900x2000.jpg IMG_20210130_135650_copy_900x2000.jpg  IMG_20210130_135646_copy_900x2000.jpg

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Looks like a mix of mechanical and acid prep.

Its quite a showy specimen, but prep is not so good. But it could be worse. On a scale from 1 (very poor prep) to 10 (perfect prep), I would give it a 4-5. But that´s just my opinion.

I also don´t know, how much paint is involved. It is clear, though, that not every bone has been completely painted over.

Franz Bernhard

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Looks like a pretty nice one to me. Typical kind of harsh prepping as Franz said, but perfect positioning imo. If the price is right, I'd consider it. Just curious, how big is it?

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See picture about 23 cm.

And measured across the spine +-27cm.

Glad to hear its real.


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Acid and mechanically prepped with bones quite eroded but overall it's not too bad, at least it retains the skeletal outline.  I would prefer the natural form rather than acid/mechanically prepped ones but it seems the natural form is not commonly available in overseas market.

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